There are numbers of brides and grooms who view that the videographer as one of the most expendable vendors for their wedding day. A common reason why many couples forgo having a good professional videographer includes:

They are blessed with a friend or family member who owns a video camera. They are blessed with a good and experienced photographer and also don’t see any reason for a videographer. They are also not going to watch any video of their wedding day over and over.

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Video Films

Quite often, wedding couples don’t think about the fact that professional videographers are highly trained and experienced and also take their professional and the medium seriously and also absolutely love what they do. The great combination of experienced and love or art will reflect in a completely beautiful and finished product.

Appointing a team whose proficiency is in wedding videography will slightly up your budget undoubtedly. But there are some reasons that you must deem hire a wedding videographer. So, you are blessed with a friend or relative with a video camera. Surely, you can get in touch with an experienced Oregon or Washington wedding videographer who knows the way of capturing artistic footage of your precious moments.

So, it is important to bear in mind what video provides that can’t probably be reproduced with the assistance of still photography. Photography also captures a single instant, a complete fraction of a second, while video captures the event themselves. Furthermore, the most common complaints from a bride on her special day that they don’t remember half of what happened on their wedding day. It went by all quickly. Having a complete video of your special day is something that will allow you to see and also hear everything that took place, so you don’t need to miss a thing.

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Video Films

Recording most critical moments:
Portland wedding videographers will record special moments such as the first kiss of the bride and groom, or ceremony of exchange vows. Portland wedding videography can capture these unparalleled moments onto film beautifully. Watching your first kiss video with your husband after the marriage gives an unmatched romantic feeling in your stomach.

Recording the sights which you might have forgotten:
It is quite obvious that you have spent weeks and months to make your marriage superb in the form of arrangements and preparations but when that big day occurs you have don’t time to remember all the subtle moments. Recording the fine moments is one of the major practices of a professional wedding videography in the Pacific Northwest. Moments when you adorn the church or venue by exquisite flowers, the happiness, and enthusiasm at your parents’ faces, your husband controlling his tears of joy as he stays for you at the altar. When captured onto a video, those moments can remain fresh in your memories forever.

Recording the sounds:
It doesn’t matter how magnificent your photography is, it’s only speaking to 1 of our 5 senses…obviously the sense of sight. But when you have a wedding video, you use two of your senses which are the sense of hearing and vision. Wedding videography in Vancouver, Washington is completely furnished with pro audio recording devices. This implies it is possible to stealthily fasten up a microphone to the inside of your hubby’s suit. You can hear each tremble in his voice as he eagerly speaks his vows to you. You can listen to the amusement from your near and dear ones as they respond to the Best Man’s dialogue. And you can hear the two most essential words on your big day:  ‘I Do.’

Here’s a beautiful example of a ‘first look’ film from Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography near Portland, Oregon:

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