Apart from summer, spring is the best time of the year to get married. The beauty of spring wedding amidst the bloom and warm weather makes the big day enjoyable and memorable. There is so much beauty in spring compared to the other times of the year. Fresh flowers beginning to blossom, and the sun warming and lighting up the sky beautifully, making for a perfectly charming and elegant wedding.

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If you have an upcoming wedding in Portland, Oregon, use these tips to plan it perfectly:

Pick the perfect spring wedding venues
Even though the Pacific Northwest is known for the warm temperatures, spring is somehow unpredictable regarding the weather. Think ahead and chose a venue with beautiful interiors and excellent garden and outdoor areas for a lovely sun filled event. A venue that shows the full bloom in a magnificent arrangement will make the wedding fantastic.

Pick a color scheme
Go for the color scheme you love and are ready to stick with. These will be used in the flowers, stationery, bridesmaid dresses, makeup, and decoration. Pastel hues go well with spring. However, bold colors can tone your wedding and complement the green grass perfectly. You can also go with blue, coral or yellow depending on your preferences. You have the freedom to embrace the beautiful shades and give a modern, rusty feel to your wedding. Skillfully weave pastel into the color scheme to breathe some life into your spring wedding in Portland, Oregon. You can even dress your bridesmaids in blush pink tone or consider adding character to the venue with subtle greens and some ivory.

Get a good caterer
Choose your caterer wisely to have the seasonal menu incorporated into the menu. Include the fruits and vegetables that are bountiful in this season. Spring gives the freedom to choose lighter and more refreshing menu options than you can in winter, but the weather is still cool enough for additional menu items.

In spring weddings tend to be less formal compared to the sit-down menus associated with winter. Consider a less formal share plate catering or go for barbecue ideas to spice up the event.

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Video Films

Pretty spring blooms
There is much love in the air during spring. Nature blooms with fresh, lovely colors, and everything is fresh. However, remember to stick to your color scheme to keep things in order. Imagine the tranquility of an English garden, fragrant lilacs, lily of the valley, or the French good luck charm for your wedding. You can play with the colors as you desire to create the perfect scene for the wedding of your dreams.

A spring wardrobe
When it comes to your wedding dress, pick one that compliments the season, the blooming atmosphere and brightly colored flowers outside. Go for light, flowing layers with a bit of warm clothing for the chilly evening. The bridesmaids and the groom should consider a splash of color. Something to compliment the bouquets, and the environment around.

Grow your flowers
By growing your flowers, you will save on the budget. There are a lot of wild flowers and fresh greenery in spring you will not be short of such to decorate your wedding. Use these to decorate the wedding cake or to add color to the bride’s bouquet. Sue flowers to bring life to the venue or brighten up the centerpiece without spending more. Freshly blossomed flowers have a way of brightening up a venue for a perfect wedding experience. You can grow as many as you want, depending on the size of the venue and your decorating plan.

Use stunning spring backdrops to take wedding photos
You cannot buy an authentic backdrop for memorable wedding photos. In spring, you get the advantage of using the natural setting to take stunning photos, an opportunity you cannot get in the other seasons. When picking a wedding venue, go for a place with a natural, lovely place to take photos. A background full of fresh flowers and incredible views for memorable photos.

Most people prefer summer for their wedding, however, with the popularity comes the competition for the best venues. Go for spring and experience the beauty without the rush or competition that may leave you with limited options. In spring, you will not have to compromise on the location, pick what you love and experience a lovely wedding surrounded by nature.

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