Starting in November, our beloved engagement season, is now less than a month away. If you have been looking forward to popping the question, then why not do it when millions of other Americans are? For most of us, this is never an easy decision; you are always afraid that you are going to jinx it or even get a negative response, aren’t you? However, if well executed, a proposal will leave you positively beaming like Cheshire Cat. Let us take a look at a few brilliant engagement ideas that might just work for you…

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Videography, Engagement Season

1. Go for a massage proposal

This one works all the time, but you have to make it good. After a long Saturday stroll in the park, you can always arrange a sensual massage with all the right scents, oils and candles. Take your time with it and allow your partner to enjoy it. Work it all in such a way that her left hand is the last to receive the massage last. As you work on that hand, slip a ring on it and then pop the question. Goes along great with a trusty bottle of wine and makes for a perfect end to an eventful day.

2. Do it on a plane trip

If you are flying with her, then that might just be the perfect time and place for a proposal. An inflight engagement is amazing because nobody actually gets the chance to do it 35,000 feet in the air. Here, you will need a good sense of choreography. Talk to the flight attendants to allow you to use the public speaker system to pop the question, and have the captain (if you are lucky) congratulate you over the very system. This, of course, works if she is ready to let you put a finger on it.

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Videography, Engagement Season

3. Reach out to the skies

Sky writing has always been a good way to propose, so why not give it a go? Here, paraffin is used to make thick white smoke that spells the letters you are looking to go with. It’s an excellent idea but the timing has to be right. For example, you need to do it when the skies are clear so that there is a good measure of visibility. You will also need to keep in mind that too much wind tends to blow words away rather quick.

You could also use fireworks for this purpose-just keep in mind that they display the message you want to go with. Other people have been known to fly planes with the ‘will you marry me banner’, but it’s all about what works for you.

4. The street works just fine too!

Picture this; she is tired after a long day of work. As soon as she steps out of her office, she is serenaded by a bunch of well-dressed young men and women singing her favorite song. They follow her from one block to the next, up to an open field where sprawled on the ground is a proposal message. Wouldn’t that be just a grand idea for a proposal? Do not forget to bring in a sea of faces she can recognize; it always helps with the butterflies!

5. Go ‘Hollywood’ on her!

Is she a movie fanatic? Well, then you got her. Wait for one of the newer movies she has been talking about to screen, and then grab your own tape. At the beginning of the tape, insert a homemade trailer and make it look like part of the movie you are going to watch; of course, the difference being that’s you two on the screen and not some Hollywood hotshots. Have the trailer end with ‘will you marry me?’ Quite spectacular, wouldn’t you say?

Pacific Hearts - Portland, Oregon Wedding Videography, Engagement Season

After making that bold move, you are going to be flashing forward to the wedding itself, and the question of recording a bridal video will come up. And why not? Weddings are a one-tie thing, and you want those moments captured for all eternity. If you are in the Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography, and we will be glad to be of help. Our professionals have impeccable qualifications, with a ton of experience piled on to that. In addition, our rates are affordable, and we guarantee the highest video quality you will ever see!

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