Are you planning to have your wedding on the beach in Oregon? Well… There is nothing as romantic as the sand between your toes, the sultry, salt-tinged air and the sounds of the surf. Therefore, having a beach wedding is such a great idea, more than you can even imagine. However, for your ceremony to go on without a hitch, there are critical things you need to put into consideration. With the detailed and comprehensive tips below, be ready for an unforgettable beach wedding in Oregon.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography at the Oregon Beach

· Public VS private beach

· Timing and tides

· Time of the year

· Consider your guests

· Sand VS beachfront

· The sound system

· The right vendors

· The pesky wind

Public vs. private beach

There is one thing that you should remember when having a beach wedding in mind in the US. All beaches in the US are public. This implies that holding a wedding ceremony along the beach only requires you to pay some fees and nothing else will hold you back. You can rope off a part of the beach but this needs you to check the availability of local ordinances as it varies from one beach to another.

With all beaches being public in the US, then you should understand that privacy is one thing that is hard to come by. Therefore, even after roping off, expect that you will encounter several beach goers photo bombing your occasion.

For some privacy, you can consider having a beachfront resort hosting your ceremony. Such a place is well equipped to give some privacy. You can also consider renting a house along the beach and this will make your occasion private. For the reception, you can have a backyard bash.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography at the Oregon Beach

Time of the year

Beaches in Pacific Northwest have seasons and you should be aware of this while planning a wedding here. There is a rainy season from November to January and therefore, at this time, the coast is characterized by storms. June to August, Oregon has sunny skies and dry weather.

Hence, beaches in Oregon are very busy during this time of the year. September to early October has cool weather in Oregon coast and the crowds are small. With this information, you can pick the best time for yourself and the occasion.

Timing and tides

It is wise to consider the tide chart when planning a wedding on the coast. Failure to do that, you can show up for the wedding and find that the beach has disappeared. To avoid this, visit the site of your wedding at the time that your wedding will be held and survey to confirm the perfect set up location. Sunset is also a critical consideration for a beach wedding as this will affect the wedding videography along the Pacific Northwest coast.

Consider your guests

Take care of your guests’ needs when holding a wedding on the coast. Prepare a desanding station for them as they leave. Have bottled water, wonderful touches, fan programs, parasols baby powder and sunglasses to keep them comfortable.

Sound system

Have you been along the Pacific Northwest coast? If yes, you know by now that the ocean can be very loud. In the case where you do not land on a beach well equipped with standard electrical outlets, a wireless sound system will be perfect.

Rent one and this will go a long way in making your wedding perfect. Musicians and DJs who are familiar with beach ceremonies mostly have a wireless sound system. therefore, remember to inquire first if the system is readily accessible.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography at the Oregon Beach

Sand vs. Beachfront

Holding a wedding ceremony on sand is really romantic and incredibly sweet. However, you should consider your personal feelings about what you will have to give up. Exchanging your vows on sand means that you cannot rock your dream heels and your gown will be covered by sand.

If you feel like this is too much for you, consider the numerous beachfront venues available with amazing views. This way you can tie the knot in a cool place and in style. If you opt the sand, remember that the sand will be hot and prepare appropriate footwear for your guests.

Something else that you should consider when deciding between the sand and a beachfront is the accessibility. In case you are expecting people with disability or issues with mobility, ensure that they are comfortable accessing the beach. Consider your guest list while making the decision.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography at the Oregon Beach

The pesky wind

While on the beach, the warm breeze gives you an irreplaceable feeling. However, the same wind can cause havoc on the veil. If you feel that skipping the veil will ruin your day, consider having a birdcage veil. You can also buy veil weights to prevent the veil from flying.

The right vendors

While planning a beach wedding, consider getting the right vendors with beach specific ceremony experience. They will make your wedding successful by choosing the right hardy flowers, they will follow the local permit regulations and they will have a perfect wedding videography among other things.

In conclusion, it is wise to have a backup plan when holding a beach wedding. There are things that are unpredictable like rain. You can also have a crazy wind that makes things unbearable at the beach. A foul weather option will save you in case Mother Nature strikes. This is how you get a peace of mind in your most awaited day. All the best!!!

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