Weddings are arguably one of the most timeless events known to man. They have transcended time and age and through and through the trends of the weddings have changed. It is now a new year but that does not mean that people are no longer marrying. Weddings are still the in-thing and people are wedding more than ever. There are new trends that have emerged in the new year and some have been carried forward from a previous year. In addition to this, the last thing that anyone would want on their most important date is to bore their guests. So, in addition to the emerging new trends in 2018 weddings in the Pacific Northwest, the following are the most fun ways to entertain the guests at your wedding and to ensure they do not get bored at your special day.

Vintage Glamor

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography, Portland, OregonPacific Hearts Wedding Videography, Portland, Oregon

This is one new trend that is difficult to go wrong with. This trend is one to be slightly careful with. You do not want your wedding looking to rustic and rudimentary because it takes the glamor from the whole thing. Look for the perfect blend of elements both from the old and the modern world in order to make your wedding as glamorous as possible. Most of the modern couples these days are not looking for the same old fashioned weddings and this is definitely beloved among the new and young couples. An examples is where a couple chooses to decorate an industrial warehouse with ornate centerpieces in the room. The room is also lit up with twinkling lights as well as several candles. The room looks eerie but whimsical at the same time. It is a great way to make your guests love and remember your wedding.

Blush Rose

This color that closely resembles pink is the color that is in fashion in most weddings in the Portland, Oregon metro and events and will likely remain to be the choice color for 2018. Make your wedding spectacular with some bedazzling pink that your guests are sure to love. The color was dubbed “now and forever” color because it is both a trend now as well a classic that will live on.

For the love of Encore Metals

In the new year, there is the trend that has been picked up by brides in which they display a lot of metals such as rose gold, copper and pewter. The reason behind this is due to the incredible versatility that they give to the brides. They are versatile because they blend easily and quite well with a large array of colors. They also offer the brides a more relaxed and pleasant look that seems to be a favorite among several of them. The metals seem to be quite ideal for a more black-tie themed party. However, putting the metallic displays on each and every table is considered too much by specialists. They are most aptly used for the display and head tables of the wedding to avoid looking to shiny. This is something that will definitely catch the eye of all the guests at the wedding.

Choice of Colors

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography, Portland, Oregon

The choice of colors is really not as broad as people may think. Sometimes going for bolder colors works out but this is in very few occasions and the technique required to pull that off is rare to find. And even if you do manage to pull it off, not all your guests will like it and some might find it rather rude and abrasive. The choice colors to go for are found in the neutral zone. This zone contains grey colors, blue-grey colors as well as greys that verge on brown. The effect of this is your wedding will give a more classical look that will appeal to a vaster majority of your guests if not all of them. The neutral colors are a definite trend in 2018 that is going to stick. Your Pacific Northwest wedding will give a more sophisticated look to the guests thus making them more comfortable at your wedding.

Surprise your Guests

If you want to make sure your guests do not get bored at your wedding, keep them guessing. Blow their minds away with surprise after surprise and this will make sure they do not get bored in your wedding. Begin with the setting for the wedding. Look for a place with either a huge size of land for your wedding or a place with a large vacant building as the ideal place for your wedding. The benefit of this is that the couples will really get to customize the location to their setting. This is an emerging trend that is likely to stick through 2018. The customization will also help the couple tell their story their way and this will intrigue the guests making the wedding a success.

Remember to bring the Flowers… they are the Magic

Part of the magic of most weddings a

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography, Portland, Oregon

re the flowers. Do not forget this vital part of your wedding. Peonies are particularly gaining interest in the new year and some people even plan for their weddings when these are in peak season in order to get a huge selection of these on-demand flowers. There is also a preference for roses with loose petals because they can be used as a garland. They are also scattered across the tops of tables for the guests for see. They form exquisite displays and for these reason they should not miss on your wedding day.

Some Plant Sophistication

Wedding experts also say that some couples are also demanding for plans that are flowering such as the pink-ice protea. This is for couples that want the whole arrangement of flowers to feel natural and organic but more sophisticated and much less messy. It is a trend that I definitely sticking to 2018.


There are the standard things that you should definitely do to make sure your guests are not bored. Make sure the sermon and the wedding in total is not too long albeit not too brief either. Introduction are only to be made at the rehearsal. Do not, at any cost, keep your guests hungry and, lastly, plan your exit strategy carefully.

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