Outdoor wedding ceremonies are always very popular in Pacific Northwest. There is just something so unique about getting married in the beauty of nature, whether it will be in a garden, by the ocean, or in a field. Even nature can use a little enhancement, however, and these great ideas for ceremony decorations for outdoor weddings will be just the thing to make your ceremony perfect.

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One of the primary challenges in decorating an outdoor wedding space can be defining an aisle. In a church with pews, there is a very clear path along which the bride will walk to the altar; when you are setting up your ceremony in a wide open space, on the other hand, it is up to you to create an aisle. For a garden wedding, a dazzling thought is to put a progression of curves or arbors over the walkway. Improve them with blooms, vines, and foliage in your wedding hues to make a stunning passageway for the lady of the hour. The impact will be life-changing.

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In the event that you are on the shoreline, setting up those curves in the moving sand won’t not be so reasonable. Fortunately, there are other extraordinary approaches to characterize your path. The beautiful thought is to put shut storm lamps along the columns of seats and furthermore fill them with column candles. Tie a lace about the base of the light for a spotlight of shading, in the event that you wish, and after that set a couple of expansive seashells and starfish along the base of the sea tempest. It is an extremely shortsighted adornment that will suit a shoreline wedding perfectly.

Things found in nature make great décor elements, and there is something that will be perfect for any season, location, or theme. If you can gather the items yourself, it can also be very economical. Start by determining the general theme or design scheme when incorporating Nature into your Pacific Northwest wedding.

Wedding Country Centerpieces

Branches are one natural element that can be used in many different ways. Let’s say that your style is very earthy, with the bride in a linen gown and handcrafted bridal jewelry. For your centerpieces, choose branches that look great in their natural form. A tall bundle of white birch would be a very striking centerpiece. Tie it with a beautiful ribbon and surround the branches with tea lights for a simple but lovely table design.

If your wedding is extra formal, you can also use branches for your centerpieces. Look for ones that have a beautiful form, and then paint them in a soft gold or silver color. They can be accented by hanging things off of the branches. Ideas cover tiny lantern shaped votive holders, or flowers, even beautiful little faux birds.

Branches are by no means the only option for natural elegance. If you have an Asian themed wedding, then create centerpieces from stalks of bamboo “planted” in a bed of wheatgrass. By the way, to save money, you can even grow your own containers of wheatgrass from seed. It is very easy to do.

Natural centerpieces will also enhance beach weddings. Take your inspiration from all of the beautiful natural forms that you find at the seashore. Ideas include things like shells, starfish, palm fronds, seagrass, and of course, sand. Fill a clear vase with sand as a base for a large candle or flowers. You could also choose to do low centerpieces that can be made from a variety of natural elements, such as the shells and starfish. Shells can also be used as votive holders, which not only will add to your décor, but can also make a nice favor for the guests.

Fall Colors, Wedding DecorFall Colors, Wedding Decor

Fall foliage can also be used to design a vivid and memorable centerpiece. The combinations of reds, golds, and oranges with a touch of green and brown looks warm and inviting. You can create your own mini trees by using gold thread to suspend actual fall leaves from branches. Bring a little of the rich fall color into your bridal ensemble by wearing bridal jewelry that has been handcrafted in burgundy or burnt orange Swarovski crystals.

There is no better place to find inspiration for your wedding décor than the gentle beauty of nature. Create your wedding centerpieces using elements from nature for a look that is unique. It is a great way to make your wedding stand out while also making a statement.

If you’re proposing your wedding to be done on a mountain around Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington, it would be more special if you can set the theme for your ceremony and reception related to Mother Nature. Even in a place with the forest as your surroundings, your wedding can still be elegant or casual depending on your choosing. You can use an outdoor backdrop to have a special and unique wedding.

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1. Decoration – you can use the beauty of the mountain and outdoor as an inspiration for your wedding decoration. Weddings that are done on a mountain can be elegant and romantic, luxurious or just as simple as you want it to be. If the wedding is proceeding to be held outdoor use some creative designs, such as white string lights on the trees for a romantic touch.

You can put some tea lights on the tables to have the effects of fireflies while dinning, petals and branches on the walkway or carpet. And at the reception put some nature theme designs like pictures of wild flower on a wooden frame or miniature flowerpots with May seeds.

2. Ceremony – if your wedding is scheduled for the day, pick a wedding venue with a breathtaking view of lakes or the ocean. You can also select a place where the sun can be best viewed while setting. Some find it more romantic when the ocean is quite while the sun is setting. Music from a band or orchestra even adds more feelings.

3. Reception – If you have decided your wedding to be done inside a reception hall there are many elements to let the people see the mountain wedding theme. String lights at the ceiling can represent stars at night, use a center piece made of banana leaves, pine needles and wildflowers to have beautiful wedding colors. Table clothes should be chosen carefully also, select earthy colors or burgundy, brown, navy blue or forest green.

Having captured your wedding on high quality video is something that you will cherish for years.

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