There is no doubt that wedding is one of the most important events for both the bride and groom. It is quite obvious that they would like to make it as special as they probably can. There are many special and candid moments as far as the bride and the groom is concerned. Both of them would be keen to cherish those wonderful moment which they would like to keep with them. If you look at a wedding there are obviously many images that are shot. However, it may not be possible to capture each one of them. Hence it would be interesting to try and shortlist the around seven wedding videography events that are quite memorable as far as all events are concerned. These are the most special ones and we are sure it will be a must as far as most wedding events are concerned.

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The wedding event runs for many hours and could even run into a couple of days. Hence, it is important to list down and capture those special memories which describe the wedding chronologically. We believe that the following seven wedding moments are extremely important and special.

Bride Readying For The Event

This is one of the most important moments as the bride gets ready for the event. Any professional wedding video videographer will ensure that he is able to capture. While this might look easy, there are some minute details which must be kept in mind. It could be the bridesmaids offering their help in zipping up the dress of the bride. It also could be the best moment where you could capture the bride and her loved family members and friends. These could include parents, grandparents and bridesmaids. Any good video photographer will no doubt look for genuine emotion while capturing these special events.

Groom Getting Ready

As it was done for the bride, good videographers will also capture those special moments when the groom is getting ready. It could offer the videographer quite a few options. They could film the groom as he styles his hair alone or with help. The videographers could also get even closer and take images of his adjusting the cuff links, putting his jacket on and much more. This also could be the best occasion for filming the groom with his family and also the groomsmen. Since the grooms’ dressing does not take much of a time, it would be better to take some videos of the groom sitting either on a stool or a couch. This will certainly add some quality as far as grooms’ preparatory photos are concerned.

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Shots Of Essential Details – Suits And Ties

Before the actual wedding shot, it is quite obvious that the groom and bride would have put in quite a bit of thought as far as actual day is concerned. These are very special moments and you must capture them as best as you can. The essential details are quite a few and here are a few of them which are considered quite important. It is vital that the dress and shoes of the bride are captured as best as it is possible. It would not a bad idea to have a wooden hanger and have the dress placed on it and take shots from many angles. The same is the case with shoes also. There are other essentials which also need to be captured. These include cuff links and jewelry. They are considered staple items for any wedding. They must be photographed intelligently. It could be a case where the bride is holding the rings and the groom holding his cuff links near his wrists.

The First Look

Referred to as the “first look“, whether it is spring wedding or any other types of wedding, most videographers go ahead with a second shooter to ensure that the they capture all the shots which are important. When you have a second shooter, you could have one working with the bride while the other works with the groom. The sequences have to be perfectly choreographed. You could have the videos of the bride walking and approaching the groom. A combination of two shooters could be enough to capture this moment perfectly.

The Overall Ceremony Shot

Professional wedding videographers will always make it a point to capture the overall ceremony shot as perfectly as they can. This is not easy and a bridal video or a wedding video is not complete without the ceremony hall and location being covered in full. The videos could capture the ceiling, the lighting, the flower arrangements, and also the chairs on which the bride and the groom would be seated. You also could shoot the chairs and other seating arrangements for the guests and various other such minute details.

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Walking Down the Aisle

When the ceremony begins it is quite obvious that there will be a number of important people who will be walking down the aisle. Capturing these moments is not only important but not very easy too. You must not miss out on any important moment because there will never be any action replays. A professional videographer will take care to ensure that the ring bearers and the flower girls are captured properly. The wedding party and the parents of both the groom and the bride should be given prominence. Finally you must ensure that the video captures each and every step of the bride as she moves towards her husband-to-be. It would not be bad idea to have a second shooter. This will give chance to focus on the groom as he awaits his bride walking down the aisle.

Close Up Of The Couple

When the ceremony is one, the videographer must ensure that they capture the close ups of the couple as they pronounce their vows. It is important to capture the emotions. The bride’s videos must be clicked over the groom’s shoulder and vice-versa. Apart from the above there are other videos like the first kiss, the bridal portraits and so on which are also extremely important.

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The Final Word

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that wedding videography is to understand the various events as they unfurl and happen. You must try and hire big names like Pacific Hearts who carry with them the required experience and expertise to do a good job of it.

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