A wedding is one of the occasions that you would want to remember for the rest of your life. What better way is there of capturing this wonderful way than recording it on film? There are many ways you can film your special day but aerial footage taken by a drone is a trend that is increasingly gaining popularity. And it is for a good reason too. One of the main advantages of using a drone on your wedding day is that you will get a video at angles that are impossible to capture any other way.

Due to the continuing popularity of using drones for aerial video shooting, the price is becoming relatively affordable. With one hour of video coverage going for $200 to around $1000(on the higher side) depending on the quality of the service you get. The logistics of getting a drone video shoot can be a bit complicated. However, worry not as we have got you covered. Below are benefits and important considerations to make when deciding to use drones.

Drone Footage, Wedding Bride and Groom

First, Some Considerations To Using A Drone

Use a Professional
Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and therefore require a pilot who controls them from the ground. An inexperienced pilot will not be able to control the drone in the right manner and might miss some of the most important moments. It is therefore important to hire someone who has got enough experience in flying the drones if you are to get the best video of your summer wedding.

Check Venue Regulations
Different venues have different regulations. Therefore if you choose to use a drone to capture your wedding, check first with the venue you plan to have your wedding to see if they allow drone flights. Alternatively, pick a venue that allows drones. Some of the places that flying drones is usually permitted are big open ground-gives good results. Large vineyards, the countryside and low population beaches are some of the places that you can shoot your wedding video using a drone.

Make sure to check out regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The authority does not permit drones to be used in public parks, near airports and wildlife orphanages and rescues. Therefore, make sure you check the regulations of the FAA in the state you want to hold your wedding.

Noise and Weather Consideration
Drones can be very noisy, and it is therefore important to ensure that you film the wedding from a good distance. If you fly the drone too close to the guests, you might cause distraction from the noise. Additionally, people will concentrate more on the drone than the wedding itself. Therefore, when choosing a drone; use one that will be able to film quality videos at a considerable altitude. Drones are quite hardy but are not suitable to be used in rain or strong winds. That is why it is wise to use a drone for your summer wedding. During this time, the sky is clear and relatively calm giving enough light allowing the drone to capture best quality video.

Drone Footage, Wedding Party

Benefits of using a drone

1. Aerial View

Since a drone can fly quite high, it gets video shots from angles that are impossible to get in any other way. Imagine the guests making a heart shape with the couple in the middle of it, by using a drone; you can film this fun moment perfectly which would be impossible to do from the ground. Due to the large area that a drone covers, couples who hold their weddings at a large area do not have to worry that some of the aspects of the wedding will not be captured.

Using a drone ensures that none of the significant wedding moment is left out. The drone can capture funny and entertaining shots of the event, i.e., guests doing a funny or interesting thing.

2. Different Positions

Due to the maneuverability of the drone, it can be able to take videos from different altitudes giving the video a feeling of authenticity. With different elevations and positions, the drone can capture your wedding in different perspectives.

What’s more, you can ask your subjects to stand or sit in different positions, and the drone can capture the moment in many angles giving the illusion of being in different places. Additionally, the couple can be high on the hill or below in the cliff, but you will still get your perfect video since the drone can soar high or low to get the perfect shot.

3. Combine Drone Footage with Ground Footage

With a good video editor, you can have a unique video to remember your special day. Imagine a video showing shots from high in the sky and at the same time captures details from close quarter shots? The drone footage gives your wedding video the feeling of a movie because of the bird’s eye view. A good wedding cinematography company handles everything from the planning to the filming, editing and production of your video. This is a huge plus since your wedding video will not be usual but will have a professional touch.

4. Are a Great Entertainment and Offers Sophistication

People like to watch flying objects and what better way than providing them an amusement in your big day. Some guests would also like to feature in the footage taken by a drone, and you can make their day special by offering them the opportunity. Additionally, a drone adds a feeling of sophistication to your big day. Since drones are not an everyday feature in every wedding, having one will set you apart and make your wedding something to be talked about.

Drone Footage, WDrone Footage, Wedding Bride and Groomedding Bride and Groom

Wrapping It Up

People are increasingly using drones to make their wedding videos. Although the addition of a drone is an extra expense, many couples feel that the cost is worth and it is easy to see why. With drone coverage, the video of your wedding is covered in angles that are impossible to get using ground cameras. With drone coverage, the whole wedding area is captured, and you cannot miss out any important event in the wedding. Additionally, due to wide scope, the background of the venue is also captured which adds more color to the wedding video. However, there are a few considerations to make before going the drone way. You have to check the regulations of the FAA as well as hiring a good pilot or better still use a professional cinematography company to shoot the wedding for you. All in all, the drone way is the way to go.

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