Weddings are some of the most important events in any
person’s life. Without a doubt, the bride is usually the center of attraction
and what better way to glam yourself up as a bride than having the dress of
your dreams. From tender ages, small girls dream of how their wedding will be
and more specifically, what their dress will look like. These fantasies are not
limited to young girls, even older women still fantasize about what their dress
will look like or should have looked like if they could re-do their weddings.
It is with this in mind that we write to suggest to you our top bridal shops
that have exquisite taste and outstanding uniqueness in the services and goods
they offer in terms of bridal dresses within Portland.

  1. Brides for a Cause

Brides for a Cause, Portland, Oregon Wedding Dress

This Portland-based store has outdone itself since its
inception in 2012. As the name suggests, the store focuses on using the ample
idea of bridal gowns purchase and sales to advance causes that impact very many
lives not only across America, but also across the whole world. In Brides for a
cause, brides buy and donate their dresses while knowing that their interaction
with the store is attached to a cause that changes the lives of less-advantaged
people. With donated dresses almost arriving on a daily basis, every bride is
deemed to be pleased by the large collection. Also, the staff is very
professional and there is a lot of accountability in terms of the donations
from the dresses. The causes as well, are very socially intensive and are
majorly focused on breaking the shackles of feminism and giving equal
opportunity to all human beings despite their gender. This is definitely an
area where many brides would like to help in. You not only go home with a
perfect, discounted wedding dress, but you also go home knowing you have
impacted someone’s life. Definitely, a boutique every bride should visit.

  1. The White Dress

The White Dress, Portland, Oregon Wedding Dress

Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, The White Dress boasts
of having one of the largest collections of unique designer wedding dresses to
suit almost any fashionable taste and price range. From designers such as
Mikaella, Stella York, Ella Rosa, Badgley Mischka, Kenneth Winston, Aire
Barcelona, Martina Liana, Kitty Chen and many other notable names, the boutique
gives you an experience of a lifetime. Bonus services are also offered to make
you remember The White Dress even one hundred years later. The staff of The
White Dress is also properly trained and perfectly knowledgeable to ensure you
get the best out of your wedding experience. On top of giving you an affordable
designer dress, the boutique also offers you accessories that go perfectly with
your dress and all at an affordable price. This is also a boutique worth your
time and money.

  1. The Bridal Loft

The Bridal Loft, Portland, Oregon , Wedding Dresses

Founded in 2001, The Bridal Loft is way more than just a
wedding dress boutique. They are a partner in weddings that provide you almost
all services you might require for your wedding within Portland, Oregon and
even across the entire world. The dresses offered within this store are
visually stunning and combine art and creativity in their designs. The Bridal
Loft is often regarded as the one stop shop for all matters wedding. The staff
is also considered one of the most efficient in the industry with a lot of
knowledge and professional advice. They will rarely lie to their client’s to
make a financial kill. Also, their staff can alter and adjust any gown you pick
and change it into your dream gown depending on your specifications.


  1. Ania Bridal

Ania Bridal, Wedding Dresses in Portland, Oregon

With over 20 years of experience, Ania Bridal offers you an
experience of a lifetime when it comes to getting your perfect wedding dress.
They not only offer you a wide range of dresses, they also offer you
professional advice and consultation on how to go about selecting your wedding
dress. They listen to you, help you visualize your dream dress, put it down on
paper and offer you a full range of possible dresses you could choose from to
put breathe life into your dreams. Also, while at it, Ania Bridal offers you a
stylish boutique from where to operate. From a comfortable and spacious
dressing room, to a generally tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere and also
complimentary champagne, Ania Bridal will make the dress search experience
almost as good, or even better, than the dress itself!

  1. A & Be Bridal Shop

A & Be Bridal Shop is located in Alberta Arts District
which is within Portland, Oregon. This shop has one of the largest and most
unique wedding dress collections within the whole of the United States. This
shop boasts of being the one stop shop for all kinds of brides with different
personalities. From plus-sized rides, to slimmer brides, from tall brides, and
also short ones, A & Be boasts of having the best of the best in terms of
bridal satisfaction. Also, A & Be Bridal Shop intends on giving out their
best in terms of suiting the different personalities of brides. From laid-back
brides, to the trend-setting ones, A & Be Bridal Shop seeks to give you a
dress that might literally fit into your soul, on top of your body.



It is said that a bride and her wedding searching crew have
to averagely go to a minimum of three shops before eventually landing on her
dream dress. This wastes a lot of time and resources plus putting a lot of
strain on the team although there are some rides who love the whole experience
despite the challenges faced. It is with this reason that we are trying to
minimize the time spent hopping from one boutique to another in search of a
dream dress but not in any way minimize or change the thrill that comes with it.
If you try any of the above shops, be assured you will not hop as much. In
fact, you might literally find your dress within the first search within your
first boutique. Talk about getting the best from the best!

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