Proposing to that special someone in your life can be a daunting task. You simply cannot ignore the butterflies in your stomach, wet palms, the anxiety associated with uncertainty – among others. Well, you do not need to worry; statistics show that over 67% of women are satisfied with their marriage proposal. However, as a man who is in love with a woman, it is extremely crucial that you make sure that your engagement begins in a location as special and priceless as the love you share for your significant other. After all, your proposal is arguably one of the most important decisions in your life, because you are in essence asking a woman you love to spend the rest of her life with you. When the stakes are this high, it very important to get it right the first time.

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As with business, the most important factor is location, location, location. Recent research has uncovered the key aspects that women want from their proposals. It is no longer the web of complex mystery it was in yester years. Most importantly, they want romance. In fact, studies reveal that lack of romantic feel is the most common reason why women are disappointed with their proposals. 62% of women surveyed in recent research indicated that they were unhappy because the proposal was not romantic enough. Secondly, women want originality. They expect some effort past the traditional dinner at the restaurant. Thirdly, they want this moment to be shared. With the proliferation of the internet and the wide acceptance of social media, most women want to share their proposal with their friends over social media platforms. Besides immortalizing this momentous occasion in the digital realm, sharing allows you to not only share magical experiences in your life with friends and family but also to revisit this experiences later in life.

Achieving the perfect blend of originality and romance can present a challenge when you are considering going on one knee. This is why we have outlined below some of the most romantic and unique places in Portland, Oregon metro area, which are guaranteed to make your wedding proposal special, unforgettable and magical. Most importantly, these locations will definitely light up that magical smile in the woman you love. Keep in mind, a happy bride, a happy marriage, a happy life.

1. The Oregon Coast

Is there anything more romantic than proposing to your lover along the beach, blanketed by the cascading rays of the setting sun? Well your lover most definitely thinks so. The beach is a prime romantic get away. the smell of the sand, the sight of the ocean, and the kiss of the sun on your forehead make for a truly magical experience. The allure of the Oregon Coast is perhaps best summarized by the Oregonian which aptly states, “ignore the grey skies and drizzling rain, Oregon is a place for Lovers.”

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The Oregon coast is home to some of the most romantic beaches in Portland. Arguably one of the most romantic cities in the coast of Oregon is Cannon Beach. This prime location boasts numerous exquisite hotels and restaurants, which are ideal for two lovers on a trip. The tranquility, scenery, and touch of romance is something definitely worth the experience. More so, there are prime locations such as the Stephanie Inn, which does not allow for kids below the age of 12. If this does not tickle your fancy, you can experience a sumptuous dinner by the ocean at Newmans at 988, for tantalizing French Italian cuisines with wine.

The coast itself holds all the magic, regardless of the restaurant you chose. In fact, the Oregon Coast has been lauded as possessing some of the prettiest scenery you will ever see. the Ecola State Park for instance is a delicious treat for visitors and will definitely add a touch of originality, romance, and class to your proposal. The Oregon Coast Haystack Rock is also a prime attraction, representing one of the most conspicuous and recognizable landmarks in Oregon. Besides, it is also home to numerous diverse bird life and colorful tide pools, which will add some magic to the videos and images you will definitely take on this romantic get away.

If you are looking for a blend of romance and history to make your proposal even more unique, try Astoria – Oregon’s first city. This city is regarded by many as one of the best in terms of romance on the coast. It offers a bevy of amenities for two people about to make the next step into marriage.

2. Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is located in northwest Everett Street in Portland. This garden is the largest Suzhou style garden located out of China, and has been around since its opening in 2000. One of the qualities of this garden is that it is absolutely gorgeous. It features very pretty rocks, awesome structures, and attractive paper art on display. It is simply a stunning setting to propose to your girlfriend. More so, this location is as unique as it gets when it comes to marriage proposals.

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

It presents extra value in holding numerous flowers featured along the side garden roses, such as ranunculus, camellia, freesia, Jasmine, and foliage, which present an excellent spot where you can propose. It is however crucial to note that the Lan Su Garden does not permit portrait photography- which includes engagement photos, proposals and others – during public hours. For the best experience, you can rent the garden before it is open for public hours or after public hours to add that aspect of privacy and personal touch to your proposal. This will allow you to bring a camera crew or videography team to capture this iconic moment, with no other persons looming in the background, and will also allow for the use of professional equipment . The reviews praise this Chinese Garden is an excellent choice to surprise your significant other. For direct contact, you can reach the Chinese Garden at: 503-228-8131.

3. Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst Park is located in Southeast 39th Avenue, Portland Oregon and offers absolute serenity and scenery which creates the best ambience for popping the big question. This park is one of the most popular and largest parks in Portland, adorned with towering trees, sun-rays through the thick canopy above, blooming flowers, and seclusion that is second to no other.

laurelhurst park, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

If you are planning to go on one knee, there is an absolutely excellent secluded spot by the ponds that will work wonders for you. The scenery also makes it an ideal location when you want to capture this moment on film. More so, this park is one of the most highly competitive locations for holding a wedding, if you want to make it two for two location wise. Make your reservations early to avoid the long waiting list. To reserve a picnic area. call: 503-825-2525.

4. Multonomah Falls

Thinking about proposing? How about doing it in the most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific Northwest? Multnomah Falls boasts visitation figures as high as 2 million people every year. Its appeal stems from its numerous attractions, including underground springs from the Larch Mountain, the magnificent falls, and the Multonomah Falls Lodge. The latter is very well run, with clean bathrooms, a visitation center, and a restaurant which is fully ADA accessible to the visitors.

Multnomah Falls, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

The towering 620 plus falls simply spells magic, and is bound to make your proposal absolutely memorable. The images alone will make you the envy of all of your friends on social media. However, due to its high visitation rates, this location is also one of the most crowded in Portland. Consequently, you will have to make a few extra plans to make the most from this location. First, it is crucial to visit very early in the day, if not on the weekend. It is less crowed during this time. Secondly, you should consider hiking to the top of the falls, because majority of visitors often shy away from the higher areas of the falls. All this extra steps will be all worth it. Picture yourself on one knee, your lovely girlfriend silhouetted by the afternoon overhead sun, and the majesty of the magnificent Multonomah Falls in the back ground- sensational.

5. Trillium Lake

Are you a laid out person who hates hiking and prefers more serene areas to pop the big question? If yes, then Trillium Lake is the best place for you to propose. Trillium Lake is located at National Forest Development Road, and is perhaps most renowned for its breathtaking views, and the relaxation and calm you can experience here. It also offers a great view of Mt. Hood, which also means that you will capture some fantastic pictures while here. This is a perfect place to propose, especially during the summer, because the main road is closed during winter, which might make it difficult to get to the lake.

Trillium Lake, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Trillium Lake also has great proximity to a variety of lodges including Collins Lake Resort, Best Western Mt. Hood Inn, the Timberline Lodge, Snowline Motel and Cabins, and others. There are also numerous restaurants in close proximity, including Cascade Dining Room, Mt. Hood Brewing Co, and others. You may consider a nice quiet candlelit romantic dinner in any one of these restaurants after your proposal, and a nice romantic evening in any one of the above magnificent lodges.

6. Ladd’s Addition

Ladds Addition, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Ladd’s Addition is situated between Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, and District Street from the 12th to the 20th avenue in Portland. No other place resonates with Portland’s reference as the City of Roses than the Ladd’s Addition rose gardens. The gardens bring together the beauty, serenity, and quiet that is perfect for your proposal. The rose gardens are a prime addition to the city, being home to hundreds of different varieties of rose flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors. Its a fact that most women love flowers, and this is the best romantic place where you can actually literally stop and smell the flowers. Capture this moment on film or in a picture and be reminded of the fresh aroma of roses at the heart of Portland. You can contact Ladd’s Addition at: 503-823-7329.

7. Portland City Grill

Portland City Grill, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Close your eyes and picture the look on your girlfriend’s face as she enjoys a glass of wine at one of the most popular and award winning restaurants in Oregon. Now, picture how much happier she would be if this award winning restaurant was located on the 30th floor, with an excellent and unique view of the city and the breathtaking mountains. This is what you stand to gain at Portland City Grill, which has also made a name for itself as having some of the best fresh sea food in the Pacific Northwest, and an array of delicious offerings including steaks and salads served with the greatest of class and detail.

Portland City Grill is on the 30th floor of U.S Bancorp Tower and offers a very scenic proposal spot. What makes this locations special is the view from the 30th floor, which creates the impression of dining in the sky which your significant other is bound to love.

8. Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Sometimes a touch of a heavenly experience is all you need to make your proposal memorable and romantic. Cathedral Park provides just this experience. The Park is located in North Portland, along the banks of the Willamette river in the Cathedral Park neighborhood. It offers a serene, quiet and unassuming locale just below St. Johns Bridge, where numerous people pass overhead on a daily basis. Walking under the Bridge on an early morning as the sun’s beams pierce the sky and the morning mist is nothing short of a heavenly experience, especially with the trees in the Forest Park swaying with the ever cool breeze in a divine chorus of hums.

The Park is also anchored by some of the most picturesque bridges in the world. Simply put, the setting is beautiful, and you can admire the architecture for years to come. The relaxed nature of the Park also make it a wonderful wedding venue, if you need a prime location for your wedding post engagement. To reach the Cathedral Park directly, call: 503-823-223.

9. Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Pittock Mansion is located in Forest Park in the grounds of the Pittock mansion, and overlooks Portland and the mountains. The address of the Mansion is 3229 NW Pittock Drive Portland, or 97210. The Pittock Mansion is an excellent choice for a surprise proposal, after the hike to the mansion. The mansion is adorned with beautiful gardens, and a tour of the many rooms inside it make for a fun and unique experience to share with your significant other. the views are amazing and the grounds spectacular. It is simply one of the things that you really ought to do to add some uniqueness to her special day. To get a chance for a tour, please book in advance by calling: 503-823-3623.

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