In the excitement of the wedding, it’s very common for even the most careful bride and grooms to forget some important details. It could be Uncle James’ all-vegan dish or popping some breath mints before the kiss. Even I would forget something, if not many things, on my wedding day.

This list contains the most important last-minute wedding details that can ruin your big day. Read on to learn how to ensure your wedding plan goes on like clockwork.

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1. A Handheld Steamer

While there is nothing I can guarantee you on your wedding day, one thing you are certain to have is wrinkles. In your own wedding dress, in your partner’s as well as their attendants’ outfits and even in your mother’s dress. Travel combined with stress and hasty packing is sure to lead to wrinkles. In order to look the best shape for the wedding photo session, you need to have a handheld steamer. Available on Amazon, these devices are very affordable and are a must-have on your last-minute wedding checklist.

During the material day, delegate steaming duties to one of your family members or a bridesmaid. It’s a quick job because steamers aren’t that hard to use. Also, they are more effective and faster than ironing. A handheld steamer could even be used for smoothing out décor elements such as table runners or drapery in a jiffy!

2. Get Your Marriage License

You can’t get married if you don’t have the license. And the worst part is that the license can’t be provided by your officiant, and this only means you and your partner will need to visit city hall and apply for the marriage license. Do this roughly one week before the actual wedding day. The last week before your wedding is no doubt among your most stressful weeks. However, do all you can to get your marriage certificate.

3. Backup Phone Chargers

You will need to charge your phone during the wedding day, but you will most certainly want it nearby and not somewhere across the room. Also, I don’t think you want to be competing for charging spots with a handful of other people. It therefore makes a lot of sense to have power banks (fully charged and ready) on your last-minute checklist.

It’s advisable to bring at least two of them so your partner can also charge their phones. This ensures that everyone is touch during this critical day. If possible, even have an extra few to lend to others. You want everyone to easily navigate wedding destinations, take photos and post on social media, without worrying about battery dying out.

4. Bring Cash or a Checkbook

Didn’t people stop using checks a long time ago? Not the married people! In the confusion that is normally in the last week before your wedding, you can easily forget to pack your checkbook in the bag, more so because this late in the day, you have paid a good part of your outstanding balances with vendors.

Lest you forget: You still have got to tip! Normally, you should disperse tips on the morning of your wedding day, and being armed with a checkbook (or cash) will avoid those mad dashes to the ATM when you should be busy getting ready.

It’s even better to write down all the tip checks in advance, have them packed in envelopes and label them with the names of the people or vendors that will be receiving them. Put these envelopes where you won’t forget, for instance into a garment bag in which you are packing one of your outfits.

5. Extra Underpinnings

Irrespective of how strategically you plan your Spanx approach and double-stick tape, all bets will be off on the morning of your wedding day. Not to mention the fact that all your bridesmaids will probably want to tape their outfits on. There is chance that someone is going to sweat their tapes off. You need to bring everything in excess. Carry some one-size-fits-all pasties, nude thongs and an extra roll or even 20 double-stick tapes. Not carrying these items is a definite risk and the last thing you want on your wedding day is stress.


6. Pack for Your Honeymoon

Your wedding is a big event and it’s possible that it will block out your mind’s peripherals as well. However, it’s not advisable to wait until the last minute and then start throwing huge suitcases and hope that your honeymoon will be fine. Research the weather conditions of the place you have chosen to go honeymoon to, and know the kind of clothes you will require. Do not cram all the packing in one session. Remember that there is 3-4 hours of your time that you could have spread out in spare time before the wedding. The honeymoon time is precious, and you don’t want to spend it choosing the pair of socks to bring to your trip.

7. A Next-Day Bag

Here is a bit of story. I blanked totally on packing clothes that I would change on the day after wedding, and I was forced to shamefully walk on the hotel lobby on that morning wearing my low-cut jumpsuit meant specifically for the bonfire after-party. It wasn’t a good look!

By all means, do not be this type of a bride. Make sure you pack in your tote something low-key and comfy that you will wear the next morning. Also, include undies, a hair tie and a hair brush, as well as any other basics.

Ask a close confidant to ensure that the bag is destined wherever you are on the night of your wedding, and sleep knowing you won’t have to show up at continental breakfast in the $5000 illusion lace mermaid.


The last week of your wedding is often the craziest one you will ever have to go through. In the excitement that comes with a wedding, even the most astute wedding planning expert can forget some things. The above wedding check-list is intended to help you ensure that you pack everything, and that the day goes on as smoothly as possible.

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