Every big change in life, whether it’s a good change or a bad change, can cause a little stress and anxiety. Marriage is one of those whole lifestyle changes that causes cold feet even in the most laid-back individuals. We are all aware of how we are supposed to feel on our wedding day: ecstatic, excited and madly in love. But this is not usually the case. When the event you’ve been planning for months finally arrives, the wedding jitters kick in. It is totally and completely normal for a nervous bride to freak out when she realizes that she has just a couple of days before her big day.
There is so much that happens in one day and you are bound to get a little nervous about that. You start to worry about what could go wrong- the wedding gown, the reception, who shows up, if it works or doesn’t, finances, and the list goes on and on. Few weddings have ended without bridal breakdowns and tearful tantrums. Wedding jitters are not indicators of a doomed marriage or reasons to call of the wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is undoubtedly an important moment in your life and experiencing anxiety is okay in this new setting. Marriage is a big decision that will have a significant effect on the rest of your life.

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While wedding jitters are perfectly normal, you should pay attention to legitimate feelings and address them before they ruin your big day. Stop trying to push yourself to fit into the big box of big day perfection.’ We have made life easier for you by preparing a list of common wedding jitters and how to best handle them.

1. What If Things Don’t Go As Planned?

Marriage marks the beginning of a new phase in life. Many people consider marriage to be the biggest step of their lives, and it is understandable if you want everything to work out as planned on your wedding ceremony. Weddings involve lots of preparation, from transportation to reception, and you may feel nervous as your big day approaches. You should understand that you will not have control over most of the events that take place on your wedding day. Take time to normalize the experience. Instead of worrying yourself sick on what could go wrong, focus your attention on what lies ahead. Remember perfect weddings only occur in movies. Your friends are family are attending your wedding to celebrate you. In the unlikely event that something does not go according to plan, very few people if any would notice that and if they did, they probably wouldn’t even care. What matters is that you and your partner show up. A bad wedding is not a bad marriage. The goal is not to have a perfect wedding but a wedding with purpose.

2. What If Family Members Don’t Get Along

Worrying about family members is another wedding jitter that gives brides sleepless nights. Family dynamics are complicated. You can worry about your parents getting along with the groom’s parents or divorced parents acting excited for your wedding. To help keep calm, it is advisable to talk to your partner and the parties worrying you before the wedding. By relying on your partner on your wedding day, you will come out stronger on the other side. Talk about desires and expectations to straighten things out. For divorced parents who don’t get along, you might consider having them sit apart to avoid unnecessary drama. Better yet remind them that the wedding is all about you and that they should put their differences aside for that day. Don’t allow mishaps to stop you from having the time of your life.

3. What If Guests Don’t Enjoy Themselves?

It is no secret that you want to throw an amazing reception and have your attendees have a good time. You want your wedding to be one to be remembered. As mentioned earlier, much of this is out of your control. The best you can do is do proper planning and hope that your wedding guests will know how to make the most of your wedding. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you put too much focus on the negative, you will not have any fun and neither will your guests. Remember it’s your wedding and if there’s someone who deserves to have fun, it is you. So accept the imperfections and stop focusing on the fear that your visitors are not having fun. If you cannot envision a happy day, you may not experience it.

4. What If He Is Not Mr. Right?

A wedding experience is surreal and overwhelming. You will feel a bit in awe of everyone around you – including your fiancé. You may feel like you made a big mistake proposing or saying es.’ If you have doubts about your partner, take deep breaths and remind yourself to be in the moment. Remind yourself of why you decide to marry that person and try to picture a lifetime with them. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Erase the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ mentality and replace it with ‘grass is greener where you water it.’ Do some soul searching and ask yourself if your spouse is making you a better person. Asking yourself these questions will help you dig deeper into why you chose your partner. Remember not to overdo it as over-thinking ruins everything. If you feel worried that the whole wedding experience may be a little more than expected and you’re in need of practical tools to have the much-needed peace of mind, you can always seek professional advice from a premarital coach. When you expressing exactly how you feel, you will receive the right amount of support.

5. What If I Don’t Make A Good Spouse?

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The fear of the unknown in marriage can cause plenty of wedding jitters. When you view marriage in a legal sense, you will find second guessing yourself whether you are up to the task. For most brides, their parent’s marriages are customarily the blueprint for their own marriages. But not all brides get the ideal blueprints to follow as they come from broken families. The fear that they will turn out just like their folks scares them. To take care of this, take a moment and ask yourself what you are really nervous about. Are you nervous about being somebody’s somebody, or just anxious that your significant other will not turn out to be the life partner you’ve always wanted? Being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is one thing, and it is entirely a different thing spending the rest of your life with a special someone. Using relaxation techniques as a nervous bride, you will avoid and manage stressful situations with little difficulty.


It’s no secret that wedding days are emotional and stressful for just about everyone. They don’t call it your ‘big day’ for nothing. From family drama to societal pressure, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. By following the above-discussed tips, you will be able to keep the wedding jitters at bay. Relax, smile and enjoy your wedding ceremony. It’s going to be wonderful!

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