Having your wedding ceremony in winter can be extremely magical when everything goes as planned. You’ll need to consider the type of wedding cuisine, clothing and even venue that goes well with the season. Though it’s the coldest season, you should make your guests feel warm and entertained at the same time. Here are ten things you should do for the ceremony to go on without a hitch.

1. Purchase Winter Accessories

The bride should choose a long sleeve wedding dress that will match the cold weather. The bride also needs to pick accessories for herself and her maids that will keep them warm during the ceremony. Good winter wedding accessories include a chic cardie, a cape, a veil, and a faux fur sole.

A velvet blazer is ideal for the groom and groomsmen. Velvet contains thick fabric that can keep the guys warm as the event is taking place. The velvet blazer will also make the guys look stylish and confident at the same time.

2. Invest in Stylish Winter Footwear

Brides always want to have the best looks during their wedding day. However, they don’t need to feel cold for them to look good. A bride and her maids can consider getting stylish footwear such as boots for the cold season. The boots can also help them cope with the weather if it starts raining at the event.

The bride can also wear thick tights under the wedding dress to help beat the cold weather. No one will notice that the tights are in there since the wedding dress is usually long enough to reach the feet. The same thing applies to the bridesmaids.

The groom and groomsmen can opt for low-cut leather shoes or leather boots depending on their preferences. Leather shoes provide the best insulation to the feet especially when it’s cold outside. One can also walk in them in the rain without damaging them.

3. Choose Suitable Makeup Products

You’re likely to have dry skin or chapped lips during the winter season. You should keep your lips and skin moisturized during the wedding day. Consider using lip gloss, lipstick or moisturizer that can complement your skin or lips. Remember to carry a chapstick in your purse on that special day.

4. Shop for Glitter or Sequin Dresses

Most brides dream of walking down the aisle with glitter dresses on. However, these dresses are usually in high demand during the summer season. You’ll easily find them at your local wedding dress store during the winter season. The dresses can make a bride look colorful at the event and the photo sessions.

5. Plan to Have One Venue

The wedding ceremony and reception are two related events that can either take place in one venue or different venues. Consider having these events in one venue or in venues that are quite near to each other. Having the ceremony and reception at one place or close places will reduce the time needed by the guests to get there during harsh weather conditions.

Plan to give your guests extra travel time since harsh weather conditions are prevalent in the winter. The extra travel time will allow your guests to beat the traffic and get to the venue before the ceremony starts. You can give them a time allowance of 40 minutes.

6. Hire Someone to Keep Guests’ Coats Safe

For your holiday wedding to be fruitful, it should fully cater to the needs of the guests. You can make the guests feel more comfortable by having someone take their coats at the reception. The hired individual should keep the coats in a safe and accessible place.

You can ask the wedding caterers to serve the guests a hot drink once they arrive. The hot drink will make them feel warm and cherished. You can also use it as a gesture of thanking them for making it to your special day.

7. Decorate the Venue

Part of the wedding planning activities should include decorating the venue. Decorations with warm gold, black, burgundy, and berry red tones are ideal for a winter wedding venue. You can also use extra wintry romance with a hint of tartan or lots of natural green colors. The colors and tones help the venue look warmer regardless of the temperature levels that are outside.

Romantic candle lights are great for decorating the reception and ceremony space. They will light up space since it will be quite dark outside. Use the decorations in moderation to avoid making the venue look messy.

8. Choose Winter Cake Toppers & Wedding Favors

Portland, Oregon is among the best places in the world to have your winter wedding. Besides finding inexpensive winter wedding décor in the city, you’ll also find winter cake toppers. The cake toppers can make your wedding cake retain its original look as the ceremony progresses.

Your Portland wedding won’t be complete without you choosing winter wedding favors. Examples of favors that you’ll find in Portland, Oregon include a little bottle of Baileys, candy canes and mulled wine spices. Others include cookies, sparklers, pashminas, and blankets.

9. Hire the Best Wedding Videographer

Since it usually gets dark very early during the winter season, your wedding videographer should organize for more lighting appliances for the video sessions. Consider taking video before the event begins if you want to utilize natural light. Remember to discuss your options with the videographer to have your winter wedding documented properly in the film(s).

10. Have Umbrellas On Stand By

The weather can change drastically when you’re exchanging vows or having a good time with the guests at the reception. Ensure there are sufficient umbrellas in the ceremony and reception venues in case it starts raining. Opt for simple and black umbrellas. You can even use them in the photo sessions.


Winter weddings aren’t as sophisticated as most brides or grooms believe. With proper planning, you can make both the ceremony and reception colorful. Planning, in this case, involves finding the right experts and items that can make your wedding memorable. It also involves taking adequate time to evaluate the value that the experts and items will add to your special day.

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