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When the euphoria of engagement begins, you start to panic on “I need to plan my wedding.” It comes with a mountain of decisions that require your personal attention. The process may be a daunting task, but hey, relax.

Attending bridal shows is one of the fun and effective ways of planning your wedding. In fact, there is no better way to compare and shop for your wedding services, get ideas and inspiration than to be at an event that brings together wedding professionals. With the opportunity to meet different professionals, wedding shows is a must go to place during the planning process.

Besides, it is a special occasion for you to spend more time with your family, wedding party members, and fiancé. In addition, during bridal shows, you get to free magazine samples, taste food, attend seminars, entertainment, and fashion shows.

Why Attend a Wedding Bridal Show
in the First Place?

Wedding or bridal events offer a great opportunity to meet a bunch of vendors and organizers face to face within a short period. Through the show, you will chat it up with vendors and organizers that you would probably hire to grace your special day. Besides, it is an opportunity for you to get inspired for your big day with dresses, food, decor, and other details that you will see.

However, before attending any bridal show, you should scout for some potential vendors within your area. You can achieve this by going through expo websites, check their portfolios and reviews by real brides and grooms. Jot down some of the vendors you would like to find more about during your visit.

To get the best out of such events, highlighted below are some of the tips every bride should understand beforehand.

1. Create a Wedding Email Address

Upon getting engaged, it is wise for you to create an email address for your wedding details. An email address enables you to keep all the wedding information in one place, hence it easy to make follow-ups. During planning stages, you can use your email for communication purposes. Whenever there is any change to make, it is easy to make reference and follow up with your vendors. In addition, after the wedding, it is wise for you to go through the emails and send out thank you messages to those who assisted you through the special day. Once done, terminate the account.

2. Pre-Register or RSVP for a Show

As a rule of thumb, always ensure that you pre-register before the event. By doing this, you save time getting into the show. Like any other event, bridal shows planners need to plan and approximate the count for attendees. In fact, it helps them plan for the goodies like cake needed for tasting, swag bags, door prizes, and magazine samples. Moreover, you can get a discount when you pre-register to attend the event.

3. Wear Comfortable Outfits

There is nothing soothing as being in comfortable in the outfit that you put on. Ranging from shoes to clothes, having the wrong outfit might cost you your adventure. From large wedding expos to boutique bridal shows, you will always be on your feet most of the time. Besides, you will be covering a lot of ground, thus, wearing shoes that comfortable will keep your feet happy. In most circumstances, strive to go for low-heeled shows since they are comfortable.

4. Take a Hearty Breakfast

Most shows offer food samples, cakes, and other treats, however, they are still not a meal. Hence, when leaving for a bridal show, ensure you take a good meal. Never assume that you will be fed at the bridal show. Not every bridal show has the convenience of affordable food and drinks. Thus, on most occasions, you need to carry your own snacks and water since you would not like to have hunger interrupt your fun moments.

5. Choose the Right Time

If you would like to avoid the crowds and have more intimate discussions with the vendors at the show, then you will want to attend the show during the less busy hours. Mostly, the first evening of the shows are always not busy, thus, you can take advantage of the situation. Besides, some vendors offer prizes for being one of the first ones to show up on the show.

6. Bring Labels

Before you go to any bridal event, create pre-printed labels with your contact information to give to the vendors upon request. It will assist you to save time so that you can get down to a meaningful business with the vendor. Moreover, most exhibiting organizations enter into winning contest or shows at their booths. Thus, by having pre-printed labels with your details, you can enter the contest quickly. In addition, the labels help you provide your information to the companies that you are interested in easily.

7. Take Notes and Pictures

Bridal Expos can be overwhelming. More especially when you are just on the lookout, and by the end of the day, you need to remember the people you spoke with and the ones whose products impressed you even when you are not ready to book right away. Hence, when in doubt write down. When attending any bridal show, you will be bombarded with a lot of information, so note taking will be your only savior. In most circumstances, exhibitors are happy when you take photos of their service and products, nonetheless, before you take the pictures, it is always nice to ask. Remember the more information you have about an exhibitor, the easier it is to be in contact with the company. Besides, if the photos or the notes you have taken are not clear, you can follow up with the bridal show company to ask more about the exhibitor.

8. Do Not Go, Solo

When attending the bridal shows, be sure to bring your partner. For heaven’s sake, it is “bridal show” not a grooms or brides solo show. Bring your partner and family member to help you make some vital decisions. However, do not bring the whole posse to a bridal show. With certainty, more people mean a lot of divergent opinions to deal with and the room might not likely be there. Thus, when attending the event, only bring the people who matter in the planning process.

9. Grab your Own Swag Bag

Most of the bridal events will offer you free tote bags during check-ins. Since you will be given a ton of goodies like handouts, branded materials, and packets throughout the day, you will need somewhere to stash all of them to keep your hands free.

10. Know the Events Schedule

Every wedding show has a fashion show component. Thus, when visiting a bridal show, find out the time the fashion show will be, before settling on the time for visiting. If you would like to watch the fashion, ensure it fits within your schedule. However, if you are not interested in the fashion show, you can use that time to speaking into details with vendors at their booths.

11. Hunt for Deals

Wedding exhibitors provide real prizes which generally are geared around weddings, so definitely enter to win. The more entries you get the higher your chances of winning something. Additionally, never be afraid to ask for special offers. You never know, so keep your eyes peeled and take advantage of the free giveaways and discounts.

12. Be Chatty with an Open Mind

Be friendly and ask questions. Bridal shows are great opportunities for you to connect one on one with vendors, and they would genuinely want to hear from you about your wedding plans. Chatting help both of you determine whether you can complement each other.

Nonetheless, during your chat time, keep an open mind. Besides, have a budget in mind with the types of services you are looking for. In summary, be prepared since you will get services, ideas and wedding inspiration that you probably had not thought of. Take your time to find out if the services would add value to your big day.

13. Do a Follow-Up

In most cases, professionals at bridal events are actively involved in exhibiting the styles and services to personally meet the brides’ expectation and ultimately win a booking. Usually, they are confident about the customer service they offer, so instead of relying on stylized photos or website, they are present to speak to you in person. They are out to help achieve your dream wedding by offering you quality services.

Hence, if you find a wedding pro you are interested in hiring, do not wait for them to reach out to you. Write an email to them highlighting how interesting and enjoyable it was meeting them and ask them on how you can proceed to the next step, whether it is about requesting for more information, continuing the conversion or beginning the hiring process, initiate the process yourself.

14. Check Event you Want to Attend

It is worthy to note that not every bridal event is the same. Some are created differently, so take your time to research on where the show will be held. The location offers a general reflection on a show. Research about the bridal show producers’ website, social networks, photos, and videos from the past events. Whenever something is not clear, be sure to call or email the company hosting the show to ask questions. Most of experience bridal event producers will be glad to attend to you.

15. Have Fun

Wedding planning is a daunting task, and to avoid stress, have fun during the planning process. You can extend the excitement and joy of your wedding by enjoying the planning process. Just be the king or queen for the day by showing off some great moves at the DJ booths. Never be afraid to let loose, the wedding planning process should be fun. Additionally, by attending a bridal event where exhibitors are interested in understanding about your day including the wedding date, the colors, and wedding party, take time to explain to the vendors about your plans and savor your upcoming special day.

Highlighted Below are some of the Benefits of Bridal Fairs

1. Saves you Time

Where else can you find a photographer, cake company and DJ all within the same place? With many options under one roof, a bride can plan and organize her entire wedding in a day. Otherwise, on normal occasions, you can spend weeks still looking for referrals. To avoid such, attend a bridal show where professionals are waiting to help you out.

2. They Showcase the Latest Trends

The galleries and fashion shows will provide you with an opportunity to see some trendy and new styles. Through the shows, you will learn about the new invitations designs, cakes, and reception decors.

3. You Will Meet Vendors Face to Face

Although you may learn more about someone through their websites, having a face-to-face conversation with the vendors will leave you with a completely different impression. Bridal shows you give you the opportunity to get a feel of the professional personality. By meeting them, you can share ideas, ask questions and view samples of their work.

4. Save’s Money

Along with saving you time, bridal events can help you save money. Through the shows, you can get good discounts. As well, you can compare different portfolios and select one that fits your budget.

The most essential thing about bridal shows is to have fun and eat some cake. The entire event is organized to help you have a wedding of your dream. While at the show, enjoy the sights, sound, and crowds. Everyone present at the show wants to help you make the right decision so s to have your dream wedding come true. Besides, the event carries the best vendors and exhibitors in our area. In addition, a bridal show is a one*stop shop for all your wedding needs. From prizes to samples and even honeymoon plans, a bridal show is one of the most convenient places to be as a bride. Just remember all professionals are present there for you. As new brides, never miss such a lucrative occasion.

*Visit Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography November 18th, 2018 at the Portland Bridal & Wedding Expo!  We are holding a raffle, a giveaway and offering special deals for brides and grooms.  We’ll see you there!

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