The 10 Best Movies to Inspire Your Own Marriage Proposal

Being in love is such a sweet moment, but popping up the proposal question is sweeter, especially with the accompanying anxiety. Some of us are born with a talent of churning out poetic and romantic messages, without prompts; others learn and perfect the art to a level you cannot doubt. For both, the following movie proposals are helpful in delivering a mind-blowing experience, making them memorable and adorable. Regardless of the environment or the place, a good marriage proposal will still stand out.

When Harry Met Sally

In this romance-comedy movie, Harry (Billy Crystal) admits being in love with Sally (Meg Ryan). This revelation raises many questions as to whether a man and woman can just have a platonic relationship. It is however, a romantic scene, filled with realities, as a friendship morphs into love. This New York movie is not only funny, but also real, especially when Harry realizes he is in love with Sally while spending lonely moments in New York. He rushes to meet Sally, his lover-to-be before midnight because “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

The above is a lovely, philosophical and romantic utterance, worth reciting while on one knee, with your eyes fixed on the jewel of your life and anxiously waiting for her response. Ask her: “What do you see with the rest of your life?”

Love is not time-bound; but some situations require you to be fast and capture the moment with the right words. This scene captures Sally’s mind, traps her heart and allows love to flow, almost naturally.

The Wedding Singer

Accompanied by Sandler’s song “I Wanna Grow Old With You”, this proposal scene has become popular in weddings and has so much romantic undertones. On a flight to Las Vegas, a city known for romance, Julia (Drew Barrymore) experiences a life-changing romantic move by Robbie (Adam Sandler). He confesses his love for her and dedicating a song that forms an amazing and cheeky first dance. It is to be remembered that Julie is on her way to marry her present villainous lover. This scene fits the bill for your proposal plans! That Julie was convinced to drop her original plans of marrying her current boyfriend is testimony enough that words have power.

Music in the background, with a message as powerful as this sets the romantic theme.

Don’t just speak, let the music flow! This accompaniment creates an aura that speaks of love, creates the beat to which you let the words flow, and wait for her answer of course.

Sweet Home Alabama

This proposal is an epitome of luxury when Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) is presented with a range of rings from which to choose the ring of her dreams. Andrew (Patrick Dempsey), her lover, closes down Manhattan’s Tiffany & Co so that Melanie can choose her ring, flowed by the most exquisite statement, “pick one”. This is a dream come true for her, although the relationship has one hurdle: Melanie is still secretly married to her childhood lover.

Even with this turn of events, this scene creates a fantasy for anyone wishing to experience this celeb-worth proposal.

Take your lover to an exquisite place, create a buzz, surprise her with a range of rings from which to select and let her make a choice. This sets the mood because she will know that you carefully selected her to be your love and she selected you as her love.

This concept of selecting is not unnatural in love. In our daily hustle and bustle, we are confronted with choices to make. Therefore, the special choice you made has come light and now is the time to make it count. Let her feel special, as someone you desire to be with for the rest of your life.

Love Actually

This 2003 movie is packed with many romantic scenes. However, when Jamie (Colin Firth) professes his love for Aurélia (Lúcia Moniz) in Portuguese, the whole town is amazingly hypnotized by his move and cannot help but look on and cheer profusely. Jamie is just recovering from a heartbreak, overcoming a language barrier (Aurelia only speaks her native language, Portuguese), to offer a moving proposal worthy remembering.

The most interesting part is that Jamie has been learning Portuguese while in England just to impress her lover, Aurelia. After he returns to France to make the proposal in Portuguese, surprisingly, Aurelia responds in English, a language she has been secretly learning, just to impress hir lover, Jamie. The surprise on their faces is romantic, the proposal poetic and the scene blood boiling!

You let her know that the Collin Firth plot-line is your favorite, hold her hand tight as Colin runs through Portugal to Aurelia. As you tighten the grip, let her know what is on your mind: “I’ve come here to ask you to marry me.”

Yes, heartbreaks in life exist but power we use to recover is immense. Show this resilience, display the nerve you have, the courage you possess and the love you have for her. Prove it, say it; let her heart hear you out!

Don’t just utter words, put life into them, show your love that she/he matters and is the reason you are saying them.

Pride and Prejudice

Even after swearing to “loathe him for all eternity”, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) surprisingly falls in love with Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). She had instantly disliked him, expressed her discontent strongly, but how this hatred ebbs away and gives chance for love to crystallize and eventually lead to a proposal remains a mystery. The story is a real testimony of how love and hate are just the two faces of the same coin. A timeless love story that proves that there’s a thin line between love and hate. The proposal words, as uttered by Mr. Darcy, remain very emotive, romantic, unforgettable and not bound by the confines of time: “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.”

Never say Never! This scene proves that you can hate and love at the same time. However, the most important part is the proposal scene. He knew she did not like him but time has played its part well: a healer.

His emotional purge, in form of love, makes him an adorable figure in this scene. Who will not like to be told this? Who will forget such words? He addresses her at a very personal level, concentrates his words on the effect her charm has had on him. It is a proposal that praises her, turns her into a goddess and indisputably indispensable.


In this scene, Luke (Ed Harris) surprises his lover Isabel (Julia Roberts) by proposing to her with a moving piece: “Even when things are hard and you feel like giving up, you have to hang on to that decision, that choice to love each other. Even if it’s only by a thread. I let that thread break once. This time, it won’t. Will you marry me?” Isabel is woken up to a reel of thread that is craftily placed in a jewellery box, creating a romantic scene worth emulating in real life. Such a romantic scene is not just beautiful, but also carries a lovely message that a proposal making session can copy from.

In a movie with sentimental terrorism as this, such a scene releases us from the tensions inherent it and lets us on a journey of love.

Let your lover know that in all circumstances, you will stand by her. Let her know that she is the reason you are living and the problems that life presents will not make you leave her. Make a commitment…

Walk the Line

This is another romantic movie scene that will blow your mind away. Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) halts his performance of “Burning Ring of Fire” on stage, and proposes to his lover June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). His facial expression, as he makes this proposal, can easily melt your heart. He says,“I’m asking you to marry me. I love you, June. Now I know I said and done a lot of things, that I hurt you, but I promise, I’ll never do that again. I only want to take care of you. I will not leave you like that Dutch boy with your finger in the dam…. You’re my best friend. Marry me.” It is such a memorable and philosophical quote that you can practice and deliver.

Actually, this scene has two lessons for the couple:

1. That one is ready to propose, in a heartfelt manner

2. That as an engaged couple, you will not let the significant other watch romance movies all day, but focus on YOU.

The Proposal

Office romance is usually spoken of in hushed tones. However,the proposal depicts a relationship that sprouts out of convenience when Margaret (Sandra Bullock) hangs onto Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to escape the impeding deportation. Although this does not succeed, the feeling of love grows and as she prepares to leave the country, her boss surprises her with confession of love and proposes thus “Marry me… because I’d like to date you.” What a lovely surprise for Margaret!

Starting on a cheerless note, Margaret terrorizes her juniors and ends up firing a man who wanted her job. She orders Andrew to marry her in an effort to escape from deportation. The hatred that exists between them is beyond words. But as said, their love sprouting in such an environment is surprising.

This scene depicts the challenges in life. Such a proposal would endear you to your lover, promising that hate can dissipate and give way for love, even where it was not expected. Such turn of events is what spices up life.

Runaway Bride

This is an interesting movie where love grows between two unlikely people. Maggie (Julia Roberts) has had a reputation of deserting her lovers at the altar, three so far. Ike (Richard Gere) writes and publishes a story on her, labeling her as a “runaway bride”. In the process, he relies on her ex-fiance, who provides inaccurate details regarding her. With these wrong facts, the writer is sacked and is faced with a situation of repairing his reputation: he must get the facts right. This can only be done if he gets the story from Maggie herself. He goes to Maryland and spends time with her to get his facts right. They fall in love! But as usual, she runs out on him, at that crucial moment. But after serious introspection, she discovers what makes her run away from her lovers. She, in turn, proposes to Ike.

A Walk to Remember

It is a moving film and the look Landon gives Jamie can move you to tears. Because of her ill health, Jamie (Mandy Moore), a teenager dying of leukemia, warns Landon (Shane West) not to make a mistake of falling in love with her. But Landon did not heed to this warning and he falls in love with her. She reveals her medical condition to him and instead of running away, he commits to fulfilling all her wishes before she dies. He marries her in the same chapel where her parents had married!

Her condition does not turn away Landon, a man who has made up his mind to marry her. This proposal shows the undying love one can have for someone; that he is ready to walk her down the aisle, even for the shortest moment in life. He gives her his soul, and she gives him hers.

This scene injects those emotional and tearful aspects, that you can shed your tears as you approach her with that marriage proposal.

These movie proposals have a realistic angle to them. While you may not be able to replicate them (they are movies anyway), you can grab the message, grab and grip her hand and ask her to marry you.