The Best Social Media Apps for
Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is definitely one of the happiest moments in your life. It’s time when you are transitioning from being single to being attached to someone you will be spending the rest of your life with. As such, it’s an occasion like no other hence the need for adequate planning. Unlike a few years back, wedding planning has been made easier thanks to the current cutting-edge technology.

Technology has really impacted the way things are done. And one of those is planning and arranging everything for your big day. That is why we have numerous social applications that offer platforms to make your wedding arrangement stress free. What you need is just a smartphone and relevant app to get started.

But before you even push that button to download your perfect social app, you need to know which one would work best for you. In that case, we are here to you help you identify the best apps that will assist you in planning your perfect wedding day.

The Best Social Media Apps for Planning Your Wedding, Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography


Facebook turns out to be the most popular social media platform attracting millions of users. Through it, many people are able to constantly communicate with their friends from all corners of the world. In this way, you can enhance your awareness, resources and knowledge to your advantage.

Facebook remains a major player in all aspects of our modern world. Through this app, you can virtually plan your wedding by accessing unlimited inspiration and different opinions from friends to make your big day a success. So, what are the pros and cons of using Facebook application to plan your wedding?


Facebook as a social media platform boasts of a large number of users and it could be a better place for wedding planning. This is due to the fact that the app brings different people together to learn and share vital information. In fact, it’s always the first place you are likely to receive engagement information from your friends or relatives.

Given that Facebook has a much wider audience than in the previous years, it makes it easier to have an effective discussion with those concerned. Facebook is accessed by nearly everyone with a smartphone. However, you can capitalize on the effectiveness of this social media app to organize your wedding from the start to the end.

Facebook allows you to tag friends on your posts or form a group and invite those you want to be part of your plan. In the group, you can listen to different opinions and ideas during discussions concerning your big day.

However, it is not certain that you take in everything that is brought on the table. You can take into account any differing opinion to make changes where necessary. Otherwise, Facebook wedding planning groups are a great way to get practical advice and recommendations from like-minded individuals.


Even though Facebook is a widely used social media platform, it does not mean that everyone uses it. Some people may end up missing information you are trying to put forward. For instance, when you send out invitations to various people, others might not get the message in time.

Also, Facebook has been a social media platform for scammers and fake news. This means that a lot of users have to be cautious about the information coming their way. For that reason, it could be difficult to make someone take you seriously unless you use other means outside Facebook.

Still, on the negative side of using Facebook to plan your wedding, there is an issue on the credibility of every information users come across. Somebody somewhere might take advantage of your wedding planning to extort your unsuspecting friends or simply mislead them. Facebook as a social media platform isn’t reliable when sending out invitations to those you want to attend your event.


Pinterest is the newest kid on the block among the social media applications. Unlike the rest, Pinterest uses images, photos, color schemes and themes to inspire its users. Just like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, Pinterest is a free app for both iOS and Android. You can just search for “wedding ideas” to get started through a number of wonderful pictures or photos on this social media platform.

Therefore, you should remember to pin those photos you find useful and appealing for your reference. On that note, let us find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of using Pinterest when planning your wedding.


Actually, it is near-impossible to plan your wedding without using Pinterest as your point of reference. The pin board app is essential if you want to have great ideas from decorations to tablecloths all the way to the type of rings and dresses that meets your needs. Besides, you can as well use Pinterest as your guiding principle on what not to be done on the wedding day.

If you are looking for an incredible source of inspiration, Pinterest is the best app for you. This is attributed to its endless search capabilities which will expose you to all types of helpful content to inspire your wedding planning in one way or the other.

Given that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can take advantage of Pinterest to share a lot of useful content with those helping you make your big day a success. As a matter of fact, this social media platform can be a very effective way of communicating with many people.

When it comes to current trends, Pinterest sets the right pace. It allows you to see what is trending on different topics and places so you may prepare adequately. You can get one or more ideas from there to make your wedding more colorful and worthwhile.

Pinterest allows you to create your own boards which you can share and still refer to them when necessary. In fact, you can use this app to store your memorable pictures both public and secret to inspire others.


Even though there is plenty of useful content on Pinterest, it is a bit difficult to duplicate everything as it appears on this platform. In the real sense, it could become a big challenge when you are dealing with a demanding client who has little knowledge of their limitations. For example, some types of flowers on Pinterest might be out of season at the time of planning your wedding. This implies that you will have to over-stretch your budget a little more to have exactly what type of flower you wanted to be included as part of your wedding decoration.


Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms where friends can share pictures and vital information. Due to the increasing numbers of users, you can use Instagram to spice up your wedding planning. Here are the merits and demerits of harnessing this social media application when planning your wedding:


Just like Pinterest, Instagram is equally a visual oriented platform where you can use photos to reach out to your followers. Therefore, you may use it to bring out a clear picture of how you want your wedding to look like. Instagram as a social media app can be a great inspiration if you are planning your wedding.

Unlike Pinterest or Facebook, Instagram organizes much of its information in a different way whereby you are allowed to access your friends by hashtag or user. These two features make it easy for you to see all types of wedding styles or what is trending in other parts of the world. Through that inspiration, you can learn a few tips and tricks that can make your wedding appealing and memorable to everyone.

Alternatively, you can go a step ahead and follow the accounts of famous top wedding magazines as well as publications to get new ideas. At the same time, you can compare and contrast the quality of the content in different wedding magazines so you may consider reaching out for their services. That makes Instagram an ideal app to source for relevant information regarding anyone offering wedding services.


Instagram can be compared to Pinterest in many ways only that it tends to showcase the best content. While this can be an advantage to many couples, others might get discouraged by just looking at those pretty photos that seem to be exaggerated in their visual quality. For some, the photos might send a wrong impression of how difficult it can get when planning your wedding. This means that Instagram can portray a different picture from the reality which most of the couples can find it hard to bring out exactly what they saw.


Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media apps, Snapchat is gaining ground as more and more users discover its importance. Even though it is not widespread, you can give it a second thought when looking at the social media applications for your wedding plans. Learn more about Snapchat’s pros and cons when preparing for your wedding day:


Snapchat can help you engage on one-on-one by your closest friends and relatives by sharing all the details pertaining to your wedding planning. Through this social media platform, you can learn a great deal of what goes on during a wedding from those you are connected with. Whether good or bad, the information you will get from your friends will help you to plan accordingly.

On the other hand, Snapchat will enable you to create more frequent dialogues in a fun way while giving the behind-the-scenes of the entire outlook of your wedding planning. This type of engagement can be exciting but quite informative at the same time.


Despite being an interesting platform to engage your closest friends, Snapchat is not an ideal social media platform when it comes to planning your wedding. This is due to its nature whereby it makes every detail of your discussions and pictures to be temporary. Which means you cannot rely on Snapchat if you want a long-term planning process.


Twitter is also one of the most widely accessed social media platforms. It is quite engaging and interactive among its users. This makes it a perfect app to plan your wedding. Check out its pros and cons in the subsequent text:


Twitter comprises all the professionals you can think of hiring on your wedding day. These professionals use the platform probably to showcase what they offer and you can take that advantage to access their services at a click of a button. Quite a number of them might share their images or clips depicting their latest work. From there you can have an easy time picking the right person to include in your plans.


However popular twitter might seem to everyone, there are many trolls on this platform making it difficult to get relevant information. In the real sense, it is not the right platform to get constructive ideas or feedback for your wedding planning process. It makes it impossible to share your wedding dress ideas or intimate moments through photos unless you want to get negative feedback.



WhatsApp is considered more of a smartphone app but it can be an ideal platform to reach out to your friends and family members within your contacts. It makes it much easier to share photos and messages with different people living far away from where you are and you can use it to plan your wedding adequately. Apart from that, you can use it to get information from vendors via phone and video calls or group texts.


This app can be helpful in many different ways but it should not be used in place of in-person conversations. For instance, when planning to have a destination wedding, it is better that you take your time to meet vendors at the wedding locale before using WhatsApp to plan every detail.

Final Thought

With an ever-changing world of technology, everything has been made easier for everyone. So, you can make good use of the available social media apps to plan your wedding accordingly without missing out on anything.

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