Most Affordable Wedding Venues in Portland, Oregon

The wedding venues in Portland, Oregon which are most affordable include a number of sites which are both inside and outdoors. You’ll have your choice of where you’d like to hold the ceremony and the reception party afterward. There is also a wide variety of venues to make your selection from, since they range from restaurant reception areas to country clubs, and even some hotel ballrooms. From the list below, you should find something that appeals to you, and which nicely fits your budget.

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Camp Colton Retreat

30000 S. Camp Colton Dr.
Colton, OR 97017

You can rent the chapel at this rustic retreat area for $450, which covers three full hours. You can also stage the wedding either indoors or outdoors. The venue, which is situated in the foothills of the Cascades, has a beautiful Chapel, and a newly renovated Event Hall to accommodate your wedding reception. For a reception which covers 50 guests, you can arrange a champagne wedding for $800, and the price rises to $1,000 if you invite between 50 and 100 guests. To make all the arrangements yourself, with no staff support whatsoever, the chapel and the lodge can be used for four hours. This is valid for any time of year, between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Leach Botanical Garden

1120 SW 5th Ave.
Suite 1302 Portland, OR 97204
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From June through September, you can rent the indoor Manor House and the outdoor East Terrace for three hours on Saturdays at a cost of $1,500, with an additional $75 charged for every hour over the standard three hour set. These two facilities can comfortably accommodate 40 and 80 people respectively. On Fridays or Sundays, the price drops to $1,200. During April, May, and October, from Friday through Sunday, the cost is a flat $1,000. The public park and garden facilities can be rented for between $146 and $1,364. An event rental representative will remain on-site throughout the ceremony and reception to assist with any venue-related issues which arise. Catering for your party can be arranged by your Garden event planner.

Old Church Society

1422 S.W. 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201
[email protected]

The Old Church is actually a modern concert hall, which means it has state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems that will be ideal for your wedding reception. The church itself has seating for 300. There’s also an adjacent reception area for all your guests to enjoy themselves after the ceremony. The venue was built in 1882, and is decked out lavishly with chandeliers, stained-glass windows, and dramatic cathedral ceilings. The rate schedule varies depending on whether it’s a weekday, or Friday through Sunday, and whether you’re booking the ceremony only, or including a reception. The low-end rental fee is $750, and the high-end cost is $1,800 for a Saturday event, which includes both ceremony and reception. The Old Church works with a number of preferred professionals for entertainment and catering, which they will be glad to contact for you.

Say Ciao! Creative Catering 

2005 SE 192nd Ave. Suite 100
Vancouver WA 98607

Say Ciao! is primarily a very experienced caterer, but they do have a great many years of involvement with arranging weddings and other events, and they are able to accommodate almost any sized wedding. The dinner prices are very inexpensive, at about $16 per person, but there are a number of fees which are also applied, and that brings up the total cost of your food service. All rentals and staffings can be arranged by Say Ciao!, including photographers, entertainment, flowers, food, alcohol, and of course the actual venue for the wedding. Their real expertise is in the food service area, where they can provide all kinds of tasty entrees, hors d’ oeuvres, appetizers, desserts, and pastries.

Pantheon Banquet Hall

5942 S.E. 92nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97266

A typical package for a wedding reception at the Pantheon Banquet Hall includes all of the following: four-hour room rental, setup and cleaning service, tables and chairs, bridal consultant dedicated to your event, service tables, hard oak dance floor, stage setup for entertainment, marquee with appropriate announcement, the bridal room for the reception, coat check area, bar facility, Audio/Visual system, and free parking for everyone in your party. The bridal room is complete with a changing area, sofa and love seat, special mirrors and lighting, and a complimentary bottle of champagne. To arrange for setup the day before your event, the cost will be $350, and for a guest list which ranges from 150 people to 350 people, the cost will range from $1,600 to $1,800. Up to 450 guests can actually be accommodated, at a slightly higher rate.

Nel Centro

1408 SW Sixth Ave
Portland, OR 97201

Nel Centro is a classy venue featuring the cuisine of the French Riviera, and they can accommodate anywhere between 10 and 125 guests in your wedding party. It is directly adjacent to the Hotel Madera, where guests can book overnight reservations to relax after the event, and not have to drive home immediately. An event planner will be assigned to your wedding event, and will coordinate all the necessary planning, including the lunch or dinner buffet, which will cost either $36 or $46 per person, depending on what time of day your reception will be held. The venue is situated in the heart of the performing arts district, and offers a fabulous patio which can be used by wedding guests at the reception party.

Abernethy Center

606 15th Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

There are four separate venues which can be rented for your wedding ceremony and reception: Abigail’s Garden Ceremony and Reception, the Abernethy Chapel Ceremony, the Veiled Garden Ceremony, and the Abernethy Ballroom Reception. Depending on which of these you select, the cost will range from $1,000 to $6,500, and those prices are also linked to the time of year and the day of the week. Guests will be able to enjoy two stunning gardens, a ballroom which is elegantly appointed, and a wedding chapel which can accommodate as many as 300 special guests. Each wedding package includes all the standard requirements: glass, dinnerware, tables, chairs, linens, a dance floor for the reception, and either six or seven hours of time dedicated to your event. Catering can be arranged for between $29 and $79 per person, depending on food selections made. The level of assistance desired in planning your event will have a major impact on the cost of staging your wedding at Abernethy Center – you can do everything yourself, arrange for partial assistance, or setup full assistance from the Abernethy staff to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Corvallis Country Club 

1850 SW Whiteside Drive
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Garden-style weddings can be arranged at the Corvallis Country Club so guests can experience the wonder of lush outdoor greenery and beautiful fir trees, with the impressive Cascade Mountain Range in the background. A spacious banquet hall is available and the Country Club chefs will gladly work with wedding couples to devise the perfect menu for all guests. Rental fees start at $250 and go up, depending on the type of event being staged, and the headcount of all guests expected to attend. Both the food and alcohol are made available in-house, so catering is unnecessary, and the sound system covers both indoor and outdoor areas, to keep guests entertained.

Rooftop Terrace & Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center

721 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

The city skyline provides an impressive backdrop for this amazing venue, with native plants growing at the perimeter, and a cozy fireplace setup in the center, so guests can gather around for conversation and entertainment. A living roof overhead will prevent guests from being rained on, so this outdoor venue can be as charming and spectacular as the invited guests can make it. There’s also an 1,800 sq. ft. conference center on the second floor which can be used by your party, and which has numerous windows to allow the natural lighting in. Catering can be arranged to include all the most natural produce available locally, as well as the possibility of roasting your own hog for guests! Depending on the time of the year, the day of the week, and the number of guests, your wedding package will cost between $2,000 and $3,500. The rental period covers a full eight hours of ceremony/reception time, and includes both the Rooftop Terrace and the Conference Center.

Firehouse Restaurant

711 Northeast Dekum Street
Portland, OR 97211

Your guests will love this red brick building, originally constructed in 1911, and which is nestled in a quiet Portland neighborhood with Woodlawn Park just a few blocks distant from the venue. Its industrial chic interior features exposed brick walls and tons of natural lighting which will make the proceedings seem cheerier. The outdoor courtyard features a number of native plants, strung with market lights, and would make an ideal setting for your outdoor wedding ceremony. The cost of arranging your ceremony and reception at the Firehouse Restaurant will vary between $1,000 and $7,500, depending on the time of year, the number of wedding guests, and the day of the week. Up to 100 guests can be accommodated indoors and 50 can be managed comfortably at the outdoor portion of the venue.

Deepwood Museum and Gardens

1116 Mission Street Southeast
Salem, Oregon 97302

Food and alcohol must be provided by the wedding couple, since no cooking is done on the premises. Other the other hand, a maximum of 350 guests can comfortably be managed at the outdoor portion of the venue, and 30 guests can be accommodated in the indoor area. The cost of renting the facility will vary between $1,650 and $3,300, and will be contingent on the duration of the event, the day of the week, and the specific package chosen by the wedding couple. For a garden-style wedding event, all the following are included: standard rentals, use of the garden and courtyard, a private dressing room for the bride, and a dedicated event planner to assist with setup, cleanup, and all-day assistance on the actual day of the event. When renting the Deepwood Museum, you would also have access to the front and back parlors, the solarium, and full use of the on-site kitchen and sink. Your package can be arranged to include either the Museum or the Gardens, or both at the same time, and that accounts for the variation in package prices.

Portland DIY Weddings

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