Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography Introduces a Cool Video/Photo Booth

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Pacific Hearts Videography has an innovative new, self-service video/photo booth! Pacific Hearts is offering a 50% discount to the first seven couples who also order a video package. There are limited dates available for booking the booth. Contact Pacific Hearts at your earliest opportunity to secure this special offer.

What the booth can do for you’re wedding

At its core, this new booth is an ultra-capable video and photo system, which can provide crystal-clear video and photo images for your guests. With any Wi-Fi connection, the system can become cloud-enabled, which means videos and photos can be shared to any and all devices desired by users. In addition to taking conventional 10-second videos and photos, the booth has an array of LED lighting which can be used to enhance any images being taken, and which can add some very special effects to make those images truly breath-taking.

You can also create GIF’s which are composed of multiple photos stitched together to create an animated effect, and these can be used long after the wedding reception as souvenirs. Furthermore, can apply Instagram filters which bring your photos to life, or possibly green screens to make your own creative productions. The booth can be used in Boomerang mode to provide looping videos which are both unique and mesmerizing,. It can also be used in gallery mode to view all the photos taken that evening, in case you’ve forgotten to retrieve your own.

The booth can also provide animated overlays which will add some creative touches to your videos and images, and which can really spice up ordinary images. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you can queue up images and photos taken, and send them to users at a later time via SMS or email, when connection to the internet has been re-established. Alternatively, users can extract their content immediately by enabling the AirDrop feature, which requires no Internet connection at all. Perhaps best of all, the creation of videos and photos has unlimited storage and is more than capable of handling as many images as your guests can produce.

Options available

photo, video booth Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

A top-mounted screen display unit of the photo booth is fully tilt-able, which means it can be angled to accommodate the height of any of your guests. Furthermore, it can even be pointed toward the floor if your guests choose to be sitting during the session. Because the display has a touchscreen, it’s super easy to choose exactly what you want to do, in terms of video, photo, or GIF selection. It’s also very easy to choose whatever kind of background you want displayed, using green screens, LED’s, or other enhancements. The directions provided to users are very intuitive, so no one will be confused by what to do in order to achieve the kind of results they’re looking for.

If you happen to lack any convenient power source at the location for your wedding, for instance if the reception is outdoors and that’s where you’re setting the booth up, you can actually run the booth using a battery pack.

The screen can also be customized to be a reflection of your happy day, and the types of LED’s to be used can be selected as the best possible for your particular wedding reception. There are a full 330 LED’s included in the screen, with more than 120 different LED sequences to choose from, so that you can literally create some dazzling effects with your videos and photos. Everyone who uses the booth will be guided through the process with very simple instructions, beginning with “Touch to Start”.

Why a video booth would be a great addition to your wedding 

A wedding reception is a very special event. This means it is fairly unique and is something which should be celebrated heartily and remembered for a long time afterward. One of the best ways of remembering the significance of the occasion is by having videos and photos made right at the event, while the situation is still unfolding and in progress. A video snippet or a special photograph can be a wonderful reminder of the beginning of married life for a couple, and all your friends and relatives will probably want to own such reminders.

It can also be loads of fun to make use of a special video booth during the reception. Everyone enjoys making images or videos of themselves especially when in company with family and friends.

Printing photos 

While the primary output from the booth will be files that contain videos, photos, and GIF’s, it is possible to print photos on the spot. (printer is extra. Contact us for details) You can print out photos taken during the wedding by using AirPrint technology, or you can send the files to DropBox. Most users of the booth have found that printing photos right during the event is not the best approach, and prefer instead to have files created which can be digitally viewed at a later time.

Putting it all together 

This fantastic video/photo booth can add tons of excitement and fun to your wedding day when you include with a Pacific Hearts Videography wedding package. It is extremely easy to transport and to setup, and it has numerous customizations which can be used to tailor it to your own event. It provides a wealth of different options in terms of videos, photos, and GIF’s.

The entire operation can be run from any iPad (provided with booth rental) and you can either be connected to the internet or through the offline mode. There is no other portable booth system available today which is so convenient and capable. When you contact Pacific Hearts to arrange your wedding videography, make sure to include this awesome video booth as part of your package. Act fast to secure the 50% discount which is being offered for a limited time.

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