13 Ideas for a Fun Bachelorette Party on a Budget

A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. A fun time can be had on a budget. And, there’s no rule that says a bachelorette party has to be a long weekend or only be accessible after a long plane ride. It’s perfectly fine to have a one-day or one-night bash as long as you’re having a good time. There are plenty of good bachelorette party ideas out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are thirteen suggestions to inspire you.

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1. Slumber Party

Remember those fun slumber parties when you were a kid? Indulge in some nostalgia and hold a grownup sleepover – and now you can have beer! Choose someone’s spacious home, or book an affordable hotel room or an Airbnb. A slumber party is the perfect excuse not to act your age. Watch a classic wedding flick or a horror movie that scared you silly when you were in high school. Have plenty of junk food on hand and order in large pizzas. Other ideas include giving each other mani-pedis, making a signature drink, playing games, and telling funny stories about the bride-to-be.

2. Pub Crawl

Being on a budget doesn’t rule out a night on the town. Pick a few smallish local bars (even two will do the trick). Set your group apart from the bar crowd by wearing fun T-shirts or tiaras (or both), and bring personalized koozies. If everyone sees you’re there to celebrate, you’ll likely get a few free congratulatory rounds.

  • Bar Crawl and Scavenger Hunt: Create a checklist of tasks for the soon-to-be-wed to complete. For example: get a guy to buy you a Sex on the Beach cocktail; find a guy who has your first name tattooed on his body and take a photo.

3. Wine Tasting Jaunt or Vineyard Tour

If you prefer the ambiance of a winery over a crowded bar scene, treat your group to a classier version of the traditional booze-filled bachelorette party. Rent a limo or mini-van, plan your stops and arrange to end your tour at a vineyard that will provide a late gourmet dinner complete with wine pairings. You may even find one with live music. Mix it up a little, and maybe acquire purple feet – some wineries allow you to kick off your shoes and stomp the grapes.

4. Dinner Party

Play the gracious hostess and invite your group over for a gourmet dinner. Hunt up tasty recipes that belong to a particular cuisine or theme that the bride-to-be loves. If your group is large enough, break it into subgroups to handle each course – one group assembles the appetizers, another grills, another takes care of dessert. And, don’t forget the wine! Another way to go is to hire a private chef to cook for the night and/or a bartender to make sure no one’s glass stays empty for long.

5. A DIY Get Together

No one is ever too “modern” for some good old-fashioned arts-and-crafts, but steer clear of wedding-related things such as escort cards or favors. Instead, think of fun ideas so everyone’s mind is cleared of wedding planning stress. Some ideas are a flower-arranging session at a floral design studio (like New York-based Aranj), a pottery making session, or a painting class.

  • DIY Lingerie Party: Each person brings along some lingerie along with decorations like sequins, tassels, and beads. Fun lingerie can be created for the bride, but the intention is not that she will wear it on the honeymoon. However, if you do want to make some gorgeous lingerie (including bras), order some lingerie-making kits from Madalynne Intimates.
  • Sketch a Nude Model: If you are looking for an activity that will break the ice between your college friends and your cousins, you can’t beat something like the Artful Bachelorette. They will bring the party to you and come with art supplies, give you an art lesson, and provide a nude male model! This blush-inducing environment will foster creativity and much giggling.

6. Chill With a Spa Day

A bachelorette party does not have to be a rowdy night out on the town. A visit to a spa is more relaxing especially if the wedding day is close. A spa can even come to you – companies like Mobile Spa can create a customized spa day in the comfort of someone’s home. For the best of both worlds, have a pampering day out at a spa then schedule beauty sessions at-home with beauty pros like Beautini or Glamsquad.

7. Retreat to a Retreat

Resorts all over the country offer active wellness options that would be great for a bachelorette party. One example is Vita Vie’s Boot Camp in Delray Beach, Florida. Your group can enjoy fun workouts, spa treatments, time on the beach, and gourmet meals. A more rustic adventure might be something along the lines of Dare to Detour offered by Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana. Here you can not only go horseback riding, hike trails, and try your hand at fishing, but also learn to experience mindfulness.

8. Let Everything Go at a Music Festival

Get a bunch of tickets for a music festival. Music festivals are everywhere – from Coachella on the West Coast to Lollapalooza in the Midwest. Click here for a list of them. Make a weekend out of it with a house rental – stock the kitchen with plenty of snacks and libations for a few days of fun. And, carry the music over into the house with plenty of CDs, music videos, or MP3s

9. Go Glamping

Glamping is basically camping without really roughing it. This means a cabin in the woods with hot water and a bathroom or a chic chalet up in the mountains. Liven things up with some fun bachelorette party games and, of course, some cocktails. Include a day trip to somewhere interesting such as a nearby spa or small picturesque town. And just because you’re in the woods, doesn’t mean you have to eat hydrated camping food. Prepare some delicious edibles such as prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and finish the evening with some gourmet ice cream.

10. Experience the Great Outdoors

If it doesn’t involve a lot of travel expense, plan a mini-vacation in the fresh air. Book a stay at a hot spring, explore some hiking trails (maybe with a guide), jump in a lake, then end the day with an upscale dinner. Even if you live in a city, get on the internet and search for an outdoor oasis just a short train or car ride away.

  • Spend a Day on the Water: Rent a small yacht for a sailing excursion or plan a river-rafting trip. You’ll have ample time to bond out on the ocean or river. And, a fresh ocean breeze goes perfectly with a cold rosé or tropical cocktails.

11. Seek Out Some Thrills

Think of the bachelorette party as an opportunity to try something new and exciting – rock climbing, zip-lining, parasailing, bungee jumping. If you don’t think it’s wise to try somewhat risky experiences so close to the wedding, consider something a bit tamer like trapeze, trampoline, belly dancing, or even pole dancing.

  • A less expensive option might be to sign up your friends for a fun local 5K. Anything from a Warrior Dash with obstacles to a Color Run will get the endorphins pumping and have everyone bonding in no time. A Color Run involves runners being doused from head to toe in different colors when they finish each kilometer. The race ends with a huge party and more color throwing.

12. Do Some Good Deeds

There are many opportunities for a volunteering-type bachelorette party. Pick a cause that has a special meaning for the bride-to-be and spend half a day sending some good vibes out into the world. You could volunteer to help out at a soup kitchen, walk dogs at a shelter, clean up your local park, or run in a charity 5K – whatever feels good to the bride. And, follow a happy day well spent with a fun and relaxing happy hour.

13. Bury the Hatchet (in a Target)

Did you know that axe throwing is a regulated, organized activity? Book a private event at your nearest hatching-throwing facility (there may be one closer than you think). Learn the art of hurling an axe from certified instructors and have a blast enjoying friendly (and safe) competition, blowing off steam, and laughing the whole time. What better way to work off pre-wedding stress than letting fly with an axe.

Planning Your Bachelorette Party

With a little imagination, your bachelorette party can be a little different from your average girls’ night out. But before deciding on a plan, consider your budget. Talk to the guests and find out what everyone is comfortable spending. If you are totally stuck for ideas, make a short list and ask the bride to pick her favorites. To help things go off without a hitch, consult this wedding videography company that will create a memorable video of your wedding celebration.

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