Best Locations in the West for Mountain-Style Weddings 

While many people tend to favor beach weddings, there’s a lot to be said for mountain-style outdoor weddings as well. Picture yourself posing for photos with a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks behind you. And soaring rocky landscapes providing perpetually memorable features for your photographic memories. There’s no doubt that mountain weddings can provide a spectacular accompaniment to your special day. Furthermore, there are a number of great locations in the country which you might want to consider.

Of course, you probably won’t want to re-locate the entire wedding to a place which will be difficult for your guests to reach. So consider those locales in the west which you may already be close to. Then you’ll have to consider what time of year you want to hold your wedding, keeping in mind that it can be a little frosty, even at the base of those towering peaks. Below are described some of the very most appealing western locales for a great country wedding, with mountainous scenery in abundance.

Mt. Hood, OR 


Mt. Hood Skibowl

There are at least five venues within ten miles of Mount Hood in Oregon. All of them will be able to provide stunning views of the mountain, often capped with picturesque snow. One of the best wedding hosts in the area is Mt. Hood Skibowl. Receptions can be planned here at a very affordable rate. Plus, everyone will be dazzled by the view of the mountain.

Guests take a chairlift halfway up the mountain, where the wedding site is situated next to an old warming hut. When coming back down the mountain, everyone uses an alpine slide, which provides an equally unique experience. Suffice to say, this is a totally different kind of wedding experience. Plus, one that is characterized as much by its fun aspect as by the awesome scenery.

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

Another well-known and highly-rated venue in the area is Cooper Spur Mountain Resort. It offers 775 acres in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The resort is located on the northern side of Mt. Hood. This venue can be rented by the weekend. In addition, it has much to offer in the way of huge meadows, endless forests of evergreen trees, and spectacular views. Your guests will enjoy very comfortable accommodations.

Lake Tahoe, CA 

Ash & Shaun Alpine Ski Club

Tahoe Mountain Club

The Tahoe Mountain Club is a unique venue which actually offers four distinctive alpine settings. Country weddings in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range can be staged either in winter or summer. The first of the four venues is called Schaffer’s Camp, which is 8,000 feet above sea level. It’s also equipped with romantic gondolas, huge fireplaces, and an exciting contemporary menu.

The Alpine Club

The Alpine Club is situated in the midst of Northstar California. The club is well-known locally for its luxurious appointments. It’s ideal location in the middle of the local village. Old Greenwood House overlooks a world-class golf course which your guests may want to test themselves on. Furthermore, it features some spectacular alpine views that will take your breath away. PJ’s is known for the coziness of its indoor setting, and has a huge outdoor lawn which could also provide the perfect place for an outdoor wedding.

There are also several Lake Tahoe venues which incorporate both a beach-side setting and a mountainous backdrop. So if you’re undecided between the two types of settings, you could conceivably have both. The Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe is situated on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe. It provides the perfect intimate venue for an outdoor wedding, with towering Mt. Tallac visible in the distance.

Wenatchee Valley, WA 

Beecher Hill House wedding, videography

Redtail Canyon Farm

Redtail Canyon Farm in nearby Leavenworth can hold a maximum wedding party of 300 guests. They have a reception area and a theater to accommodate your party. Nestled in amongst the hills of the Wenatchee Valley, Redtail Canyon Farm offers outdoor barbecues or catered dining for wedding parties. In addition, it provides some unique activities such as hayrides through the surrounding area. This is an actual working draft horse farm. On any given day, a number of activities specific to farm life are underway and can be observed by guests. Wedding guests will love the scenic canyon adjacent to the farm.

Camp Zanika Lache

Camp Zanika Lache features a beautiful mountain lake as its centerpiece for viewing and photo opportunities. The camp has the crystal-clear Wenatchee Lake surrounded by soaring mountain peaks. You couldn’t ask for a more impressive backdrop for your wedding festivities. Plus, you get the Wenatchee National Forest encompassing the entire region. If you’re a nature lover, everything you could ever hope to have in a wedding venue is included in this getaway resort. It can comfortably accommodate about 150 guests. So you might have to pare down your list of attendees to make this a viable option.

Beecher Hill House

Beecher Hill House has been recently restored, but is still a historic landmark in the Wenatchee Valley area. It offers old world charm that will dazzle your wedding guests. Plus, its ideal location in the Valley provides views of the local apple and pear orchards which stretch out to the horizon. This is one of Washington’s most desirable wedding venues, having already hosted more than 200 such events, and in virtually every case, providing total satisfaction to attendees. There is a Private Grooms’ Club where the male wedding party members can relax and enjoy themselves prior to the ceremony, and a Bridal Suite where the females can prepare themselves in total luxury, and live out  their fantasies before the wedding.

Big Bear, CA

Edgewood Mansion, Big Bear, CA weddings

There are a number of wedding venues in the region around Big Bear, CA. You really can’t go wrong choosing any one of them. Noon Lodge is a mountain lodge situated on the shores of Big Bear Lake. It specializes in providing wedding accommodations featuring a rustic elegance that you just couldn’t find in any city venue. Depending on the season your event is held in, you can have full use of the swimming pool for your guests. On the other hand, in cooler weather, you can make use of the outdoor fireplace and barbecue pits. There’s a bocce ball court which attendees can take advantage of, and if you would like to have a meal cooked over the barbecue pits, that can be arranged.

Grey Squirrel Resorts

Grey Squirrel Resorts provides the ultimate in rustic country weddings, and can accommodate either indoor or outdoor weddings. Situated in the mountainous region around Big Bear, CA, this family-owned resort has 19 cabins where guests can stay for the festivities, as well as preparation areas, and even a pet-friendly cabin. Even though it’s tucked away in the hills of Big Bear, it’s still very close to some prime recreational opportunities which your wedding guests can avail themselves of. The outdoor area features a rustic red barn, with external lighting and elegant seating arrangements, so that the perfect time can be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Edgewood Mansion

Edgewood Mansion is probably the best-equipped luxury mansion in the entire Big Bear region, with no expense being spared to make this a truly world-class venue for weddings and other special events. There are a number of outdoor features including a pond, a waterfall, a gazebo, and a walking path where guests can take quiet strolls, while admiring the fruits of nature all around them. Capable of accommodating a maximum of 150 wedding guests, Edgewood Mansion has a total of 15,000 square feet which can be used for an indoor wedding, and which features a huge commercial kitchen. Either have your wedding fare prepared here, or arrange for high-class catering from nearby to satisfy guests. Your guests can’t fail to be impressed by the sheer beauty and luxury afforded by the Mansion itself, with stained-glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and an elegant spiral staircase which finds its way into numerous wedding photos.

Which location venue is best? 

If you happen to live in California, Oregon, Washington, or any of the far western states, there will certainly be an ideal resort for you. You’ll be able to find resorts that provide exactly the right setting for mountain weddings. The one which is best for your particular wedding will depend on the size of your wedding. Furthermore, the distance which most of your guests must travel. Also, don’t forget the kinds of activities you want to do at the wedding, and of course your budget for the event.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of candidates, you should begin by contacting some of the sites on your short list. Plus, ask any of the specific questions you need answered, so you can pass that information along to your guests. The truth is, almost any venue you choose in the west which provides a mountainous, natural backdrop to the ceremony will be ideal. Both you and your guests will enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime. And, you can revisit again and again in the gorgeous photographic reminders you acquire while there.

Affordable Wedding Videography in the West

Saundra & David wedding day near Mt. Hood, Oregon

Pacific Hearts does provide affordable wedding videography in the locations above.  In addition, we cover all of Washington, Oregon and California. Please contact us today for affordable and high-end wedding video packages for your mountain-style wedding on the West Coast.

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