How to Stay Cool During a Hot Summer Wedding

Having a wedding in the summer can be an exciting, memorable experience. Warm weather and sunshine offer the perfect conditions for people to feel relaxed. Many couples opt to hold their summer nuptials outdoors, in a setting such as the beach, a cruise ship, or a backyard garden. Blue skies and ample sunshine provide more of a casual aesthetic, although plenty of people hold elegant, formal weddings during the hottest months of the year, as well.

As you are planning your very special summertime event, you will need to tailor several details to accommodate for warmer temperatures. While you can certainly estimate what the temperature will be, you cannot necessarily predict a sudden heat wave. Instead, you should be prepared for high temperatures, and the vendors you choose should also have appropriate action plans in place.

How Hot Weather Can Impact Your Wedding Day

One way that hot weather can impact your wedding is if it has a serious effect on any of the people in attendance. More individuals than you may realize have passed out at summer weddings. Whether such an event takes place indoors or outside in the open air, fainting is a very real possibility for those who attend. Some people could be particularly vulnerable in the heat, including pregnant women, small children, and the elderly. Other factors, in combination with the added warmth, can cause virtually anyone to feel unwell at a ceremony and reception held during the hottest season.

If you have your heart set on a summer wedding, don’t despair! You can take a variety of actions to keep yourself and your loved ones cool and comfortable throughout the day. Consider the points below, so you may avoid preventable mishaps on this joyful occasion.

Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated, Pacific Hearts Weddings

At an event such as a wedding, there will likely be many people involved. Sometimes, all of those attendees will be crowded together during the ceremony, and crowding could also be an issue at the reception (when everyone is on the dance floor, for example).

Hydration is one of the key strategies for remaining comfortable in the heat, as well as in a situation where guests are gathered closely together. You can hydrate yourself in a variety of ways, and as the host of your special event, it is also wise to ensure that your guests do the same. Make sure that you drink plenty of water, and arrange to have a sufficient supply of fresh, cold water available to your guests.

Keep in mind that drinking caffeine and alcohol can lead to dehydration. If you or your betrothed are planning bachelor/bachelorette parties and a rehearsal dinner (or any pre-wedding events at which liquor might be imbibed), try to avoid scheduling these the day or night before the main event. Also, you should abstain from drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks on your wedding day; drinking more water than caffeine will help you to stay hydrated, and it will also help you to remain on an even keel.

Getting proper hydration does not need to seem like a chore. You can make this objective fun by providing fruits such as mangoes and melon at the reception. Water infused with fruits is another great choice for your event. If there will be many children attending (or even if your guests are all adults!), you might offer popsicles in fun or exotic flavors to keep everyone hydrated and happy.

Other fun options for refreshments might include renting a snow-cone cart for your reception. You could also arrange to have the caterers bring ice cream or gelato to complement the wedding cake. In fact, you could even get an ice cream cake for your wedding cake if that appeals to you.

Adequate Sleep

If you are planning a wedding for one of the warmest months, be kind to yourself by getting enough sleep before your event. If you feel groggy from a sleepless night or a night of partying, you will be less likely to remain comfortable for your big day. A lack of rest may also make you feel more vulnerable to heat exhaustion, headaches, and a variety of skin irritations; while a good night of sleep may not necessarily prevent such conditions, it certainly will not help you to manage them if they occur.

Appropriate Attire

What you wear on this special day will also have an impact on how you feel, both mentally and physically. If you wear material that is too heavy, you could find yourself passing out as you head down the aisle. A long-sleeved, full-length gown with a long, heavy veil may not be an ideal selection when temperatures are soaring. Similarly, a full, three-piece suit could lead to a preventable sense of lightheadedness.

Choose light fabrics for yourself and your wedding party, and encourage your guests to make the same choice. Wearing cotton and other natural fibers is helpful. You can still find a wealth of beautiful gowns and suits to match the season and its weather. Many couples prefer a more casual tone for their summer weddings, and this makes it easier to dress for the temperature. A lightweight hat can aid in blocking out the rays of the sun.

If your nuptials will be held outdoors, you could have personalized sunglasses created as part of the wedding swag. The sunglasses might be engraved with your combined monogram. Your guests will appreciate this practical gesture, which will enable them to view the ceremony without fighting off the glare of sunlight in their eyes.

Proper Grooming

hot weather weddings, hair pulled back

You can also stay cooler by implementing a few easy grooming tips. If your hair is long, keep it pulled back with pins or combs. When you apply your makeup and get dressed, be sure that you are doing these things in a cool room. Wear lightweight makeup that allows your skin to breathe, and keep face blotters accessible throughout the day. A setting spray can help prevent your makeup from becoming streaked with perspiration. Make sure that you and your wedding party keep a bag of toiletries close at hand; this might include items such as small deodorant sticks and body wipes in conveniently sized travel packs. Keep enough sunscreen available, as well.

A Cool Environment

beating hot weddings with a pool at the venue

When you are organizing the setting for your venue, ask what kind of cooling system they have in place. Unless they provide central cooling that can be adjusted during a heat wave, you may want to rent some fans for added circulation. You can also plan to distribute small fans designed for personal use; one way to do this is to have the ushers hand out small, handheld fans along with the wedding programs. Alternatively, you can leave these items on the seats, so your guests have quick and easy access to them.

Misters are also helpful; if the event is outdoors, a temporary mister system could be a perfect antidote to high temperatures. If you don’t want to rent larger misters, you could offer your guests smaller, personal misters instead.

Other details may not seem important, but they could make all the difference in the comfort levels of those in attendance. Check to see what kind of chairs will be available. If they are made of metal, wood, or plastic, you might consider renting some fabric cushions to accompany them. The fabric will be more comfortable, in general, and you can avoid the effect of skin sticking to the seats as a result of hot, humid weather.

You might wish to create a “relief station” for your guests. This could comprise a small table, tent, or room equipped with items such as chilled, wet towels to help quickly revive the body and spirit. You could even offer a supply of extra flip-flops, sunhats, and facial misting bottles for further cooling at an outdoor wedding.

You may easily add shade to an outdoor event with pop-up tents, as well as tables with umbrellas. If your garden is equipped with a gazebo, you can use it to hold cool water and other refreshing beverages. Paper parasols can help keep the sunlight at bay, so you may want to include them as wedding favors.

Depending on how casual you want the tone of your wedding to be, you might even hold your reception at a venue that comes with a swimming pool. Invite guests to bring their swimsuits, and provide towels and lightweight bathrobes for them. While this option may not be suitable for a very formal wedding, it might be one that your guests will very much appreciate. As an added bonus, a wedding reception with a swimming pool is guaranteed to be one that everyone will remember for years to come!

Videography and Photography

In order to capture the moment without looking sweaty and uncomfortable, arrange to have your wedding portraits and video taken indoors if possible. Natural light is generally flattering, so taking these photos near a window can be a solid strategy. If your wedding is outdoors, taking the portraits under a tent or in a gazebo may be a good way to avoid becoming overheated.

A summer wedding can be an amazing experience. As long as you and your guests stay hydrated and comfortable, your day is sure to be a success. With a little planning to accommodate the warmer temperatures, you may ensure that everyone goes home with happy memories. The team at Pacific Hearts is always happy to capture the essence of your event with beautiful, unique images. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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