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If you’re looking for a wedding venue in 2020, you may want to consider the picturesque, Victorian Belle in Portland, Oregon. As the owner of Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography, I’m always on the lookout for an amazing location to film a bride and groom’s big day and The Victorian Belle is the perfect spot to hold your wedding.

I sat down with Taylor from the Victorian Belle to talk more about this amazing venue that’s a must see!

Victorian Belle Venue, Pacific Hearts

The Victorian Belle, Main House

Matt: So Taylor, first of all, tell me a little bit about what you do there at the Victorian Belle. What are you responsible for?

Taylor: Well, personally I’m the new event director as of this past February. So I’m responsible for essentially directing all of the events, wedding or otherwise that come to the Belle.

Matt: Okay, cool. So why do you think the Victorian Belle would make a awesome wedding venue?

Taylor: Oh, that’s a good question because I know that there are really so many great venues in Portland. I think brides and grooms have some really great options. What sets the Victorian Bell apart is the fact that we have the Victorian era house, the Victorian era ground. So we have a really good mix of both the indoor and outdoor. I’ve found with a lot of other venues, you’re kind of either deciding on doing the garden water, forest, park type of experience or you’re doing an indoor venue. And for us with the house, the grounds and the dance gazebo pavilion, we kind of have all of those options wrapped into one. Every wedding client has access to the entire house and grounds. We don’t rope anything off. It is 100% your home for the day, so you get the garden experience, but you also get the feeling of the backyard wedding. Like the house is yours. All of that comes into a whole different experience that we’ve found is not really all that common in other Portland venues.

bride and groom get married at the Victorian Belle wedding venue in Portland, Oregon

Couple getting married at the Victorian Belle, 2019

Matt: Okay. So as you know, yeah, we had talked at the last wedding that I did there. Pacific Hearts has been there filming and from what you’re describing, the location, the grounds, the house is a perfect spot for photographers and videographers.

Taylor: Oh, that’s true. Yeah. I think that having such great access to natural, beautiful outdoor landscape, but then also having the richness of the house is a really nice contrast. And I do think that, and maybe you can give me more insight, I do think that photographers have a really fun time meandering around the home and finding the best spots for the specific couple that they’re shooting with, because there are so many options. So there’s bound to be something that really matches your client very, very well at the Bell grounds and house.

Matt: Yeah, I mean, we love filming there. I think we’ve filmed there three or four times in 2019 with more weddings planned for next year. Can you tell me a little about the history of the house?

Taylor: Our house was built in 1885 by David Cole, as a gift to his new bride, who just so happens to be the great-great granddaughter of the great frontiersmen , Daniel Boone. It was their second home, and it sat on a large piece of land that included a beautiful lake. It was about a 4 1/2 hour horse and buggy ride from their main home in West Linn, and was a great place to invite guests and have get togethers! The home became a wedding venue in 1980 and has been in use for events ever since.

Matt: Why is the Victorian Belle the perfect spot to have a wedding?

Taylor: Any photographer/videographer will tell you that it’s a a dream space for images! The lighting is so beautiful around the grounds, and there are tons of great back drops for family photos, first looks and more. We like to think of our home as an extremely scaled up ‘backyard wedding’ with the coziness of a family home but the grandeur of a vintage space. The garden grounds are large enough for sprawling walks, and we have a stunning water feature with seating all around that always gets a lot of activity. Inside the home, we have all three floors open to guests including the bridal floor on the second level, and an entire penthouse level complete with pool hall and games to keep folks busy before the ceremony. There is also a beautiful collection of art from the owner’s personal collection, featuring Oregon’s artist Eliza Barchus who was a working woman making a living off of her talent in the late 1800’s. We are extremely proud to feature her work which focuses mostly on local landscapes in the NW region. As for the actual wedding day celebration, we offer an inclusive venue which is pretty rare in the industry; we will do all of the break down and set up of tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces- all of which is already included in the venue and would be planned out with the couple and their coordinator at a design meeting. With our collection of bridal items, we have about $5,000 worth of rentals that would already be included in our venue fee! We also come with coordination services, so a wedding planner is not always necessary!

Cynthia and Robby2's wedding announcement

A beautiful wedding invitation displayed at The Victorian Belle

Matt: Tell me a little about your wedding “packages.”

Taylor: Packages range depending on the date of the event chosen, and the time of year. Peak season dates fall on Saturdays in summer, which are the most popular! What changes more dramatically would be the menu for alcohol and food. We are really proud of our food options, featuring our chef Carl Henderson III’s selections based on seasonal favorites. We like to be as farm-to-Table as realistically possible, and utilize fresh herbs and seasoning from our onsite garden! Our customization options work for the more selective couples who require specialty choices such as vegan or gluten free. Our alcohol packages also offer a range in pricing depending on the level of product the couple wants to serve. We love making suggestions based on what we have seen guests love in the past, and we always give great feedback during these planning meetings in case our couple needs guidance one way or the other.

Matt: Thanks Taylor. I appreciate your time to talk a little about the Victorian Belle in Portland, Oregon. We’ve always enjoyed filming at your venue. Have a great day!

Taylor: Thanks Matt! You too!


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