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Russian Wedding Celebration, Pacific Hearts Wedding Cinematography

The Russian Wedding: 7 Unique Traditions

Russian wedding ceremonies involve extensive pre-planning and arrangements. A traditional style wedding usually continues for two days. Most Russians generally prefer holding a traditional wedding at St. Petersburg or in the countryside. Russian brides search for the most fancy dress that their budget can allow to wear during this big […]

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Sonoma-Valley, Best Honeymoon Spots on the West Coast

Best Honeymoon Spots on the West Coast

Romance reigns supreme on the west coast. The United States’ West Coast boasts of some of the world’s most famous and beautiful sights lying within her borders. From the ocean’s rugged edges, forest sceneries, desert oases, snow-covered mountains, spectacular sunsets to the diversity of activities it offers, the west coast’s […]

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2018 Fall Wedding Trends

Fall weddings contribute to being the most vital and red lettered day in the life of an individual. They have been transcended over the years and several new trends are introduced after a specific period of time. A wide assortment of latest trends has been set in the past few […]

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