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Boise, Idaho is well known as the ‘City of Trees’. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. If you are looking for a unique and elegant place with a rich history and a natural setting for your wedding, Boise should be your choice. This amazing city boasts of incredible and magnificent features that make it attractive to those who want to tie a knot. Its epic location and world-class wedding venues add splendor to the already existing social amenities. The scenic places that blend with the mountains, forests, rugged river canyons and the plains are some of the key features that define the natural aspect of Boise.

Boise City is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the US and it is the 43rd state to be admitted into the Union. Its popularity is attributed to its outdoor adventurous activities set against the diverse communities and the outstanding scenic vistas. Due to its vast supply of precious stones found in the city’s landscape, Idaho was nicknamed The Gem State. As it stands out, the city makes it an ideal location to get married.


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Boise, Idaho - Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Wedding Venues in Boise

There are various local wedding venues and reception locations that you can choose from for your wedding ceremony in Boise. Some of the best ones are as follows:

Boise Center on the Grove
C.W. Moore Plaza
Stueckle Sky Center located at Albertson Stadium
Bogus Basin
Playhouse Boise events and Dinner Theater
Asiago’s Downtown
The Rose Room among others.


Bridal Shops in Boise

There are various bridal shops and stores in Boise and they include:

Uptown Cheapskate-West Boise: Deals in men’s and women’s clothing. It is located at 1574 N Wildwood Way, Boise.
Sunflower Florist: Sells flowers for various functions including weddings and it is located at 4206 W Chinden Blvd Garden City.
LaNeige Bridal: Specializes in formal wear as well as bridal. The shop is located at 1020 W Main St, Boise
Margene’s Bridal: Deals in bridal items and is located at 7863 E Emerald Boise.
B.B. Bridal: Found at 8637 W Franklin Rd, Boise.
● Other bridal shops in Boise are; Chic Bridal Boutique, Something Old Something New Boutique, Sweetheart Manor, Dadu Bridal, Daci Gowns, David’s Bridal and Ishi Nights.


Wedding Photographers in Boise

The following are some of the best wedding photographers in Boise:

Jenny Losee Photography
Kendra Elise Photography
Ben and Joella Photography
Ampersand Studios
Dan Bushkin
Dev Khalsa, Jack S. Photography and many more.

From the above information, you can make a perfect Idaho bride or bridegroom for your forthcoming wedding in Boise City, Idaho.


Weddings in Boise

As mentioned earlier, the stunning beauty across this state makes it a favorite place for outdoor weddings. Some of the common but popular wedding venues include the lake lodges, farms, vineyards, ranches and many more. Also, the presence of fresh cut-flowers gives an added advantage to the weddings because they are readily available for decorations.

You can find daisies, roses as well as tulips blooming in abundance at the onset of warmer months. In fact, a number of wedding Boise brides and grooms choose to have their weddings done outdoors so that they can have the venue with plenty of natural light against the beautiful blossoming flowers, greenery and an addition of potted plants to the venue.

Due to its rural setup, most of the couples in Boise take the option of a more rustic wedding theme that blends perfectly with the countryside scenery and the traditional ceremonies with plenty of celebrations. The choice of the couple’s wedding attire comprises of flannel shirts and cowboy boots as a way of identifying themselves with the city’s long-standing culture and history.

For the decor, you will find them decorated with wires, reclaimed wood, burlap as well as twine. When it comes to wedding trimmings, bouquets of daisies placed in mason jars, various colors of string lights and burlap table runners are used. For the beverages, couples prefer loading them in galvanized tubs, barrels and canoes and then brimmed with ice for easier access and also for fun of it.


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