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How do I book Pacific Hearts?

Booking us for your wedding day is very simple.  You can contact us (see below) and we will check to see if your specific day is open on our calendar.  We do recommend that you book with us 9-18 months in advance just in case.  Last minute bookings can be accommodated if we have an open schedule.

We do require a 50% retainer to ‘hold the date’ on our calendar.  The remaining amount is due two weeks before the wedding day.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we have a short contract that protects both parties involved.  This is a simple process and can either be signed in person or electronically.

We are nervous about booking. Can we meet before?

Absolutely.  If you are more comfortable meeting and discussing your wedding day and film package, we can meet in person usually at a coffee shop or cafe, or a similar location.  There is no charge to meet up in person to discuss your wedding day. Otherwise, booking can be completed online or over the phone.

Wedding Films

What are the different types of wedding films?

We offer these types of films/edits:

Highlight Film: A 5-10 minute cinematic film that tells the story of your entire day.  This type is great for sharing online with family and friends.

Ceremony Edit: A cinematic version of your entire ceremony. The duration of this video is about the same as your actual ceremony.  Two cameras are recommended for this type of film.

First Look Film: The moment when the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.

Documentary Film: The Feature Film is a longer form cinematic documentary wedding film that includes additional details from your wedding day. These films usually run about 45 minutes in length.

Love Story Film:  A Love Story Video tells about you and your Fiance’s own, unique way you met and fell in love. It can include interviews telling about your first date, got engaged or fun advice from friends/family. It can also include pictures or even have a slideshow.

Wedding Trailer Film: A short 2-3 minute, often high energy video.  Think of a film trailer…this often has a similar style which shows your wedding day in a brief, but fun and energetic style. A great option for sharing with family on social media.


How long does it take to get back our wedding film?

Most highlight films take about 3-4 weeks to receive back for review.  If we are editing additional films/edits such as a longer documentary, there may be additional time needed to complete.  In addition, during the busy editing months from about September to December, expect wait times of about 8-10 weeks.


Can we suggest ideas for our wedding film?

Yes! We would love to work with you if you have ideas for your film(s).  We love collaborating with couples and are open to new ideas and suggestions.

How will our final film be delivered?

Because all our films are shot in HD or 4K (by request), we deliver final copies of the film on a thumb drive which can be played on your computer, TV, or just about anywhere. DVD’s are not HD quality so we prefer to offer Blu Ray copies at an additional cost.  In addition to the thumb drive or disc, all our films are uploaded to YouTube and/or Vimeo free of charge. You can also request to have a custom page created on our website for downloading and sharing with family and friends.

Can we choose music for our video?

Yes, but due to copyright claims from YouTube, Vimeo and other sites, music must be licensed.  You can setup a free account with MusicBed and search available music for your wedding videos.  There is no extra cost for this.


I already have a photographer. Do I really need a videographer too?

According to The Knot and many other resources in the wedding industry, hiring a videographer is a must.  Here are real messages from brides and grooms about hiring a videographer:

“DO IT!!!!! I promise you will not regret spending the money. You may not think you want to relive every minute, but after the day you have been meticulously planning for months flies by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate for a way to remember it!” rachaelj99

“Our videography was some of the best money we ever spent. It’s true that [your wedding] goes by so fast, and you do see things you didn’t notice when you see the video. Absolutely zero regrets. Our reasoning was that if we’re going to spend so much money on one day, don’t you want to be able to relive it through video? Plus, we can show it to our kids.” ExpatPumpkin

Do you film same-sex weddings?

Yes!  We are open to any type or style of wedding.  We are open-minded professionals that welcome all couples!

What cities/states do you cover?

We cover the entire Pacific Northwest from San Francisco to Seattle, along the Pacific coast, and east to Boise, Idaho.  Our core service location is the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. If your wedding location is farther than 50 miles from our location in Vancouver, WA, we do ask that you cover the mileage fee of 0.53 cents per mile.

We also hired a photographer. Will this cause a problem?

No not at all.  In fact, we enjoy working with photographers on wedding days.  We often work together in order to work more efficiently and to capture the best footage possible in a quicker amount of time.

Is Pacific Hearts Insured?

Yes, Pacific Hearts maintains a yearly 1-million dollar General Liability Insurance through CoverWallet, Inc.




We want the RAW footage too. Is this okay?

Yes, absolutely.  A lot of couples want everything that we shot during the day.  There is an extra charge of $200 for the RAW footage which is copied onto a thumb drive and either snail mailed or shared through Google Drive or Dropbox.  Remember, there are no edits, color correction or other post production adjustments to the RAW footage.

My fiance wants drone footage. Do you provide this?

Yes, we love incorporating drone footage in our wedding films. If you select the Sterling, Black Tie, Crown, or Diamond Ring Packages, drone footage is included for free.  Otherwise drone footage is an additional $100.  (Weather and venue permitting)