Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

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As the big wedding day approaches, it’s always a good idea to be organized! A good planning timeline can give stress relief as you put all the details together.

Besides hiring a videographer in the Pacific Northwest, there are many details on planning an amazing and beautiful wedding.  Please use these free wedding checklists in helping you plan for the big day.

3 Free Wedding Checklists

We have included these free checklists from a variety of sources.  You can also use these checklists in conjunction with a wedding planner if you decide to hire one.  We’ve also added a wedding videography checklist e-book from Tenille Gregory (Kindle Location 3). Violet Skies, for your review as you decide to hire a videographer to film and edit your wedding video.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

Download the “Essential Video Wedding Shot List” PDF download.  It’s free! And, it will help you remember all those important moments you want your videographer to capture on your wedding day.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography

In this eight-page section, you will find worksheets to help you plan and organize the many important details that will make up your wedding, from the budget to the guest list to the music and flowers and wedding video.

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When you first get engaged the number of things that have to be done before the big day can seem overwhelming. A list can give you great peace of mind.  Here is a 12-month checklist to help with organization.


Essential Video Wedding Shot List
Pre-Ceremony Prep
 Wedding dress
 Zipping or buttoning the dress
 Close-up of bride’s rings, other jewelry, shoes
 Bride putting on the veil
 Putting on boutonnieres
 Groom tying tie
 Bride and groom with respective parents
Ceremony Shots
 Exterior of ceremony site
 Guests walking in
 Flowers, musicians, altar at ceremony site
 Families and bridesmaids entering
 Flower girl and ring bearer entering
 Groom waiting for bride
 Bride’s entrance and walk down aisle
 Groom seeing bride for the first time
 Father shaking groom’s hand, hugging bride
 Any readings or performances by guests
 Shots of guests seated and watching, for use in editing
 Vows
 Ring exchange
 Unity ceremony
 First kiss and introduction as couple
 Bride and groom walking up aisle
 Receiving line/ guests throwing petals, rice, birdseed, etc.
 Bride and groom in car to reception site
Formal Shots
 Bride, full length
 Bride and groom
 Bride with maid of honor, bridesmaids
 Groom with best man, groomsmen
 Bride with
2 | P a g e
Groom with bridesmaids
Bride and groom with wedding party
Bride with parents
Bride with family
Groom with parents
Groom with family
Bride and groom with all family
Bride and groom with flower girl and ring bearer
During the Reception
Exterior of reception site
Bride and groom arriving
Table centerpieces
Table setting
Placecards table
Close-up of bride and groom placecard, menu, guestbook
Cake/ groom’s cake
Guests arriving at reception
Band/ DJ
Bride and groom’s first dance
Father and daughter’s dance
Mother and son’s dance
Toasts (all)
Bouquet toss
Garter toss
Guests dancing
Cake cutting
Bride and groom toasting each other
Getaway car
Bride and groom leaving
Silber (2010-03-18). Videography: Start to Finish, 1st ed (Kindle Locations 2577-2586).Course Technology PTR. Kindle Edition.

Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography
Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography
Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography
Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography
Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography
Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography