Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington


The Seattle area and weddings go together quite nicely.  You’ll find amazing beauty including Mount Rainier, Northern Cascades, Cape Flattery, Snoqualmie Falls and the Puget Sound, just to name a few scenic locations. Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Washington State’s largest city, it’s home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area.

Simply by Tamara Nicole’ from Seattle recommends this tip if you’re planning a wedding:

“I highly recommend focusing on one task at a time, to avoid getting overwhelmed.  Also, hiring an amazing team of wedding professionals for your wedding takes a huge weight off of your shoulders because you can just trust them and let them work their magic. Also have some fun planning nights! Turn your wine selecting into a wine tasting night with your friends. People LOVE to help and be a part of things, so why not include others for some parts of planning and make it fun?”

In 2017, Amazon released its annual list of the 200 most romantic cities in the U.S., and Seattle came in No. 14 – a nice Valentine’s Day coincidence. Amazon based its rankings on sales data of romantically-themed books, movies, and music.

Here are some vendors that we suggest (beside us as your videographers!) if you’re planning a wedding in the Seattle area:

1. An award winning photographer! Robert Paetz Photography.  More about Robert:

Robert Paetz Photography

My life is split between Wedding photography and International NGO/Travel Photography (I tend to live out of my backpack as often as not). I travel all over the world for work & play, and love that photography takes me new places and let’s me meet new people. My current bases of operation are Los Angeles and Seattle.

2. Don’t forget the beauty…try, Aesthetics by Arianne.  More about Arianne:

Aesthetics by Arianne, LLC

Arianne has been a Master Makeup artist and licensed esthetician/manicurist for 18 years. Originally from Denver, Co. she left at age 24 to pursue her career and dreams in Los Angeles, Ca. where she spent 14 years working in the film, television and fashion industry. She recently moved to the PNW a couple of years ago to get out of the smog and settle into the more peaceful quality of life offered by Tacoma and its surrounding areas.

3.  Drums please?  If you want a DJ, try, Otto-Matic Mobile Music:

Otto-Matic Mobile Music
For those who understand the impact a DJ can have on the lifetime memory of a wedding.. : Company owner since 1991 who started it as a business while still in middle school. After returning from the University of Michigan with a MA. in Ed. Technology in 2002, he took back to full-time djing, along with teaching and coaching. Consistently rated as one of the top wedding DJ’s in the Pacific Northwest and preferred dj by many of the top coordinators, venues, photographers, videographers and wedding professionals.

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