Contract Videographer Handbook

Thank you for your interest in working with Pacific Hearts Wedding Videography. We are a growing video production company based in Vancouver, WA with a satellite office in Santa Rosa, CA.  We currently cover the entire Pacific Northwest including Northern California and Western Idaho.

If you agree with everything stated below and are ready to get to work, please read and sign our independent contractor agreement. A password is required to access this page.  Please contact us for the password.

Please review this handbook as it will assist you as you film weddings for Pacific Hearts. You can download the handbook here.

Have a question or concern? Contact Us:

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Pacific Hearts Affordable Wedding Videography, Pacific Northwest

Filming Style Guide

What we prefer:
Pacific Hearts’ filming style tends to be more cinematic with planned out shots with a tripod or monopod.  Camera movement is nice, but only when it can be smooth without a lot of camera shakes. Feel free to use a slider or gimbal for these types of shots.  Handheld can work, but again, only when camera shaking is highly limited.  Have fun, be creative but try to plan out your shots before hand. Please view our online portfolio for examples.

What we don’t prefer:
Shots zooming in and out
Faced paced, hand-held gimbal shots. (view example)
Handheld video during the ceremony
Overly crazy and wild dancing video


Please take a look at the preferred equipment list.  Certain equipment requirements are dependent on the video package selected by the couple.  If you don’t have a piece of equipment required for your specific wedding, please let us know right away and we can try to provide you with an alternative.  Here is a quick list of the minimial  equipment needed:

  • Two high quality cameras (preferably same brand)
  • At least two high quality lenses
  • 4k drone (required for some packages)
  • Wireless lavalier microphone plus shotgun mic
  • External recorder for capturing audio from DJ or venue audio system
  • Tripods/monopods
  • Gimbal or slider (preferred, but not necessary)
  • On-camera LED light or similar
  • Extra batteries

Camera Settings

We prefer these camera settings for consistency:

  • 1080p HD or 4k when requested.
  • 30fps is the general rule. Feel free to use 60fps or 120fps for slow-motion shots. Remember to change adjust your shutter speed accordingly.
  • Important: Please do not use color or picture profiles.
  • Try to avoid high ISO’s to reduce video noise.

Courtesy & Client Services

We strive for amazing client service for all our brides and grooms. Not only are we popular because of our high-end wedding films, we’re also outgoing and courteous to the couples and their families that choose to hire us for their special day.

  • Please introduce yourself to the bride and groom when you arrive
  • Be courteous throughout the day with the couple and their guests
  • Please dress appropriately for the style of wedding
  • Upon exit, please say ‘goodbye’ to the bride and groom and let them know we’ll be in touch soon and thank them for allowing us to film their day

Issues & Cancellations

Not every wedding can be smooth so if you run into any issues as you’re filming a wedding, please contact us know right away. Here are some potential issues we want to avoid, but may arise:

  • You need to cancel job. We prefer at least 30 days notice but we understand this isn’t always possible. Contact us right away so we can hire another videographer.
  • If you or a guest get hurt related to video coverage (including drones) contact us immediately.
  • If the bride and groom aren’t happy about something and seem upset about their experience, let us know right away so we can try to remedy the situation.
  • If you come across equipment failure, contact us immediately as we might have replacement equipment.

After The Wedding

All footage of the wedding day can either be mailed to our office on a flash drive or transferred online using Google Drive or Dropbox. We can reimburse you for the flash drive or mail it back to you.

All Pacific Hearts’ videographers are required to back-up their wedding footage before mailing. In rare instances, footage can be lost during shipment by UPS.  In that event we would ask you to resubmit the footage. Keep the footage on a hard drive for the period of 6 months.

Also, within 3 days of the wedding, please email us one sample video clip of the bride and groom to show that the filming was successful.

For your payouts, taxes and payment time frames, please review your independent contractor agreement.  For tax purposes, we will need your current W9 tax form on file.

We Hope You Had Fun!

Filming weddings can be a lot of fun! We hope you have a positive experience filming for Pacific Hearts. We are always looking for hard working, experienced wedding videographers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our busy filming months are between May through early October.

For contractors providing us with high-end, quality work, additional wedding gigs are very possible.  Keep us in mind!

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